What’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Patrick Dempsey got that the rest of us don’t? Here’s what makes people sexy, according to the experts

Patrick Dempsey brought it home. People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title A jealous man wonders if he can imitate the traits that make him so attractive.

But it turns out there’s nothing special that makes men or women sexy.

“Sexiness is in the eye of the beholder,” said body language expert Blanca Cobb. HuffPoststates that personal preference plays a big role.

For example, some people prefer blondes to brunettes. Some people prefer a big nose, big ears, or a deep voice.

However, experts say that despite the consensus and universality that titles such as “sexiest man alive” imply, cultural and generational trends also influence what people find attractive. do.

Kate Moss’s slender frame was the symbol of female beauty in the ’90s, but Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous curves have become trendy in the past decade, heralding the arrival of a new era. BBL craze — or the Brazilian butt lift. And big boots are no longer popular, as trends are recycled after a few decades.

Kate Moss’s slender frame was once the symbol of female beauty in the ’90s. She is photographed with her then-boyfriend Johnny Depp in 1995.
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Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous curves have been trending for the past decade, ushering in the BBL craze.
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

“There are many theories regarding the factors that increase levels of attractiveness, surrounded by cultural aspects such as generational trends and ethnic differences in preferences. Evolutionary factors such as a woman’s ‘curvaceousness’, which focuses on fertility. , and proximal factors that indicate that we have sexual desire. “We’re drawn to what we see the most and what we’re exposed to around us,” said Kelsey Latimer, a Florida-based psychologist.

“This suggests that attraction has both biological and learned factors.”

Experts say personality and charm can also affect attractiveness.

“Think about this: Have you ever met someone you thought was average-looking, but then you get to know them better and realize that they have a great smile or beautiful eyes?” Have you ever suddenly realized that you are there?” Latimer added.

“That’s no coincidence. Personality can absolutely change the initial feeling of attraction, either positive or negative.”

Pete Davidson’s BDE is highly appealing to supermodels and A-list stars. It’s his confidence and charisma, or “Liz” as the kids call him, that draws people to him.
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Cobb agrees, saying that sexiness isn’t just about physical features.

“Warm, open, confident body language can turn people on,” she said.

Experts say Pete Davidson’s BDE attracts supermodels and A-list stars because of his confidence and charisma, or as the kids call it, his “lizness.” That’s it. Kindness can also build emotional connections, she added.

Therefore, there is simply no unanimous agreement on what is universally sexy, considering personal preferences and beauty standards that vary by age, era, and location.

“Personality can absolutely change your initial feelings of attraction, either positive or negative,” says Latimer.

“The reality is that if something is ‘innately’ attractive or unattractive, the tendency does not change over time, and ‘natural selection’ makes us all look the same.” “It’s going to boil down to nothing,” Latimer said.

“What’s attractive varies widely.”

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