‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant wows Pat Sajak with unique talent, wins $30K

I like it more Cube of Fortune.

A graduate student and barista performed an interesting flex in response to a bizarre request from “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak.

“Please take something out of your pocket.” Nathan Benson Said Sajak from Plano, Texas.

The accounting student casually pulled a jumbled Rubik’s Cube out of his jacket pocket and began solving colorful squares, continuing the conversation with Sajak.

When the enthusiastic Sajak asked Benson for his fastest cube-solving record, the barista replied, “About 3.5 seconds,” revealing that he solves the Rubik’s Cube with his eyes open much slower.

“I’m good at solving problems blindfolded. In fact, I have a Texas record of solving problems blindfolded,” Benson humbly boasted to his host.

After being asked by Sajak to retrieve the contents of his pocket, Benson quickly cracked a brain puzzle within 30 seconds.

The contestant solved the puzzle before Sajak asked another question.

Benson cracked the brain game live on air in about 15 seconds and proudly achieved the feat of speed for viewers to notice.

After solving the pocket puzzle, Benson solved the rest of the game’s puzzles and was the episode winner, earning approximately $30,000.

Benson was then sent to the bonus round where he was unable to solve the puzzle after selecting the four letters of “DBCO”.

Benson solving a cube.
Benson easily solves the cube while continuing his conversation with Sajak.
Benson after solving the cube.
Benson tells Sajak that the real skill in solving cubes comes when you’re blindfolded.

Benson losing the bonus round.
Had Benson won the bonus round, his prize would have been a new Ford Mustang.

The puzzle ended up being a “qualified judge” – and to Benson’s credit, he guessed the word “judge.”

Sajak, 76, hosts “Wheel of Fortune.” since 1981paused game show fans on two different occasions earlier this week.

On Tuesday, the hosts placed contestant Fred Jackson in a playful chokehold after completing a perfect game.

Before Jackson took home a total of $75,800 from games and bonus rounds and was tackled by Sajak, he told the host that he was a professional wrestler who played the sport “for fun.”

On Wednesday, Sajak got mad at another contestant having trouble solving a puzzle and told players to “solve the damn puzzle.”

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