White House Christmas tree falling called a ‘metaphor’ for Biden: ‘It makes sense’

The toppling of the national Christmas tree just outside the White House on Tuesday was taken as President Biden’s “metaphor” for social media critics.

A tree located in the northeast quadrant of the oval near the White House was toppled by strong winds. The tree, which has been erected in the area every year since 1923, had fallen days before Biden was scheduled to light it Thursday.

The National Park Service quickly arrived on the scene and worked to lift the tree back out of the ground. However, it is not clear whether the tree will be recovered in time for the ceremony.

But on the other hand, many users of X stacked the image as a kind of symbol of Biden and his frequent falls.

The National Christmas Tree outside the White House fell on Tuesday night. (Fox News)

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“The nation’s Christmas trees have fallen. An image fit for the Biden White House,” Citizen Free posted.

Kristen Hawkins, president of Students for Life, said in a statement: “It’s no surprise given that Biden is also facing strong winds.”

Fox News host Jimmy Failla said: “The wind just toppled the National Christmas Tree. It’s crazy, but it’s nice to see something other than Biden fall on the White House.” he quipped.

FiveThirtyEight senior editor Nathaniel Rakic ​​joked that “Biden’s war on Christmas has gone too far.”

“Beware of metaphors,” said conservative influencer Oilfield Rand.

Comedian Tim Young commented: “The White House Christmas tree fell down today… the perfect reminder of how Biden has ruined everything for America this holiday season.”

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President Biden has seen some stumbles and falls throughout his administration. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

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The tree is now standing upright after being inspected by the National Park Service and the broken cable replaced.

The National Park Service said in a statement: “The National Park Service is currently investigating the National Christmas Tree, which fell in high winds this afternoon on Nov. 28. As the saying goes, ‘the show must go on’ and NPS and our event partners are considering all possibilities to ensure this year’s event is a success. We will update you tomorrow as soon as we have the latest information. ”

Around the same time, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson hosted the annual lighting ceremony of the Capitol Christmas Tree, which is displayed on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

The National Christmas Tree is a 40-foot Norway spruce from the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia.

Christmas tree

The National Christmas Tree has been erected outside the White House since 1923. (Daniel Slim/AFP via Getty Images)




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