White House officially withdraws nominations of two judges, NHTSA director

On Tuesday, the White House formally withdrew two attorneys general and President Biden’s nomination for the position of director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after facing obstacles to Senate confirmation.

Biden withdrew Michael Delaney’s nomination for a First Circuit Court of Appeals judge about two weeks after sources first suggested the president’s nomination.

Delaney’s nomination had stalled on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Democrats had questioned his handling of a controversial sexual assault case at a boarding school in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire attorney for representing St. Paul’s School, an elite private high school in New Hampshire, in a lawsuit filed by a schoolgirl who was sexually assaulted on campus when she was 15. have been criticized.

Separately, Biden withdrew the judicial nomination of Jabari Wumble, which he asked last week to be removed from consideration, citing a nearly two-year wait for approval.

Mr. Biden appointed Mr. Wumble to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals for the first time early in his administration. But Mr. Wumble did not get a hearing, and his nomination stalled.

In February, Biden again nominated Mr. Wumble as a district judge for the Kansas District.

The White House also announced on Tuesday that it would withdraw the nomination of Ann Carlson to head NHTSA.

All 13 Republicans on the Senate Commerce Committee signed a letter in early May expressing concern over Mr. Carlson’s performance in the office. Senators have expressed concern that she will follow the Environmental Protection Agency and set tough fuel efficiency standards aimed at encouraging Americans to buy electric vehicles.

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