White House Reporter Calls Out Biden for Doing Softball Celebrity Interviews While Dodging Press

President Joe Biden is taking a slightly harsher stance, saying he continues his trend of avoiding tough interviews with reporters in favor of interviews with softball celebrities.

Ahead of a glitzy fundraiser in Manhattan on Thursday, the president did another interview with actor Jason Bateman. smartless Podcast with President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton. Co-hosts Will Arnett and Sean Hayes were also in attendance.

“Number of sit-down interviews Jason Bateman has had with President Biden: 2. Almost every print reporter covering the White House: 0.” politiko White House correspondent Jennifer Haberkorn said of X:

according to mediaite“Ms Haberkorn’s observation was retweeted by many of her colleagues, including Andrew Feinberg of the Independent. new republicGrace Segars of The Daily Beast, Corbin Bories of The Daily Beast, washington post‘s Anna Ashbrenner and FOX News’ Lucas Tomlinson.

The president is notorious for ghosting the White House press corps, often ceding the floor to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during his relative absences. His avoidance of the press became very problematic; washington post called him out on this in an article last year.

“In his first two and a half years as president, Biden has held fewer press conferences than his predecessor. Despite pledging to restore traditional media relations after the Trump administration, he has held fewer press conferences than his predecessor. ”, the article said.

“At the same time, the White House is reaching out to online influencers, social media celebrities, TikTok stars, and other non-traditional figures to spread its message, seeking an alternative, “We are building a communication network,” he added.

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