White House Says Joe Biden Will Veto House GOP’s Energy Bill

The White House said President Joe Biden would reject the House GOP’s main energy bill package “in its current form” if it passed Congress, arguing that it would not help Americans.

The White House said Monday that the Biden administration is “strongly opposed” to the bill and that the president could veto the energy package. It passes the Senate and arrives at his desk “in its present form.”

The White House said the bill “in its present form” was “opposed” to an administration seeking to reduce energy costs for American homes, “putting pressure on the profits of oil and gas companies and harming the health of the public.” ” he claimed. and environment”:

HR 1 doubles the cost of energy efficiency upgrades needed by families to reduce household costs, lowering energy costs and supporting the economic development of rural and urban communities nationwide through a greenhouse gas reduction fund. abolished. HR 1 also empowers large companies to circumvent the Clean Air Act by lifting pollution control requirements, weakening emission requirements and worker protections for refineries that use toxic Amending the requirements under the bipartisan Toxic Substances Control Act to determine the safety of chemicals. Cut back the sector and eliminate a $1.5 billion investment focused on curbing methane leaks that harm surrounding communities.

Despite the White House’s statements, the office of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) previously said the legislation would focus on two main priorities. Build America’s infrastructure and grow its economy. ”

“The Biden administration has brought America’s energy production to its knees and has endlessly delayed critical infrastructure projects,” the Speaker’s office previously said. “The Democratic Party’s misguided policies have increased the cost and endangered national security for all Americans, and they have made the rest of the world more dependent on fouler energy from Russia and China. I was allowed to.”

The bill is set to be voted on in the House of Representatives this week and is expected to easily pass the new Republican majority. So the bill is not expected to pass so easily.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer previously said that the Energy Cost Cuts Act would not reach the Senate, even though some Democratic senators seeking re-election, such as Senators Jon Tester and Senator Joe Manchin, are making headway. “He was dead when he got there,” he said. To join the Republican Party in several Republican-backed initiatives in the Senate.

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