White House threatens veto of resolution to nix Biden truck pollution regulation

The White House said Wednesday that President Biden will veto any resolution aimed at revoking his administration’s truck pollution regulations if the resolution reaches his desk.

A resolution aimed at an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule aimed at cutting the emissions of a pollutant known as nitrogen oxides from heavy trucks by about half is set to be voted on soon.

Exposure to nitrogen oxides can harm the respiratory system and is also a component of acid rain.

The White House statement emphasized the benefits of regulation to public health.

“Over time, the final rule will result in millions of premature deaths and thousands of children with asthma each year for the tens of millions of Americans who live, work, and go to school near high-truck roadways. It will prevent cases of , and millions of school absenteeism volumes, including truck cargo routes,” he said.

“If Congress passes SJ Res.

Republicans have argued that Biden’s rule would be a burden for the trucking industry and could further exacerbate inflation.

Senator Deb Fisher (R-Nebraska), who sponsored the resolution, said in a February statement, “In a time of high inflation and supply chain disruptions, the last thing this country wants to do is pay higher shipping costs and It’s a reduction in truck drivers,” he said.

Senator Joe Manchin, DW.Va., said Wednesday that he would vote alongside Republicans and Republicans to repeal the rule.

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