‘Whiteness Prevents White People from Connecting to Humanity’

he's back. And now he's produced a new documentary for Netflix. Because of course you do.

Ibram X. Kendi recently spoke at a special screening of his new Netflix doc. engraved from the beginningThe piece is based on his 2016 book, which examined the history of anti-Black racism. At the screening, Kendi received applause when she called out to white people.

“White people around the world need to really consider how much their personal identities are shaped by constructions of whiteness, and how those constructions of whiteness prevent white people from connecting with their humanity. I don't think so,” Kendi said.

File/ (LR) Alisa Payne, Dr. Ibram Attended New York Tastemaker Screening. (Roy Rochlin/Getty Images, Netflix)

“Whiteness prevents that,” he later added.

“When you can't see yourself in another human being, all kinds of problems arise. But it's not just social problems, it's personal problems, and this film and this work will help those people. I hope it liberates you from that. It's infinitely liberating. I think it liberates us all because we've all been lied to about ourselves and others.”

With that, the audience applauded Kendi.

See below:

engraved from the beginning It debuted on Netflix on November 20th.

Kendi became a darling of elite culture with her 2019 book How to be an anti-racist. But critical race theory has been called into question in many states, including Florida, which bans teaching divisive race-based ideologies in public schools, and his celebrity status has since been challenged. decreased significantly.

As Breitbart News reported, House Armed Services Subcommittee Chairman Jim Banks (R-Ind.) recently told the Navy that it had promoted Kendi's work by placing it on its official reading list. I asked him to apologize.

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