Whitlock on why he’s ripped Deion & Colorado all season

If there’s one name that’s been on Jason Whitlock’s mind lately, it’s Deion Sanders, and for good reason.

“At this point, Deion Sanders has more in common with Jim Jones than with Nick Saban,” Whitlock said, noting that the notorious cult leader in his speech “has a lot more in common with Christian theology, Marxism, and racial idols.” “They were mixing up worship and social justice,” he added. followers.

70% of Jones’ followers were black, and 45% of them were black women.

These tactics used by Jones to engage his supporters “have too often been combined and used repeatedly to make fun of black Americans,” Whitlock said, adding that Deion Sanders’ tactics He pointed out that not much had changed.

“Black people want to build a football paradise free of oppression in Boulder, Colorado, but they feel they can’t resist racist religious doctrine,” Whitlock said.

Mr. Sanders enthusiastically brought up God and his origins, even claiming that he offended white people.

“That’s Deion Sanders doing a Jim Jones impersonation.”

Whitlock couldn’t help but notice that Dion’s team suffered its own massacre on the same day, 45 years after Jim Jones convinced his followers to participate in a mass suicide.

When the Washington State Cougars defeated Dion’s team 56-4, the team was battling for last place in the Pac-12 Conference.

“For those of you who drank the Kool-Aid ‘Coach Prime,’ thankfully all you suffer from is bruised pride and ego,” Whitlock says.

“My hope is that this is a teaching moment about the dangers of falling into a cult of personality, of pledging allegiance to someone based on the color of their skin rather than their values ​​throughout a football season. is.”

Mr. Sanders, who unabashedly pursues money, popularity, youth, material possessions, sex, pride, and racial justice, has finally been revealed for who he really is.

“Dion doesn’t want to grow up. He idolizes youth. The gold chains, hoodie, sunglasses, and friendships with rappers half his age are all manifestations of his fear of aging.” Whitlock explains.

“His leadership style is inappropriate, immature, toxic and corrosive,” he added.

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