Whitlock: Samantha Ponder is more courageous than all the men at ESPN

The time will come when silence will be betrayal. The time has come for us when it comes to biological men participating in women’s sports. The time has come for us when it comes to avoiding the topic of male athletes participating in female sports.

I’m clearly stealing from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech against the Vietnam War. That goes for transgenderism as well. That goes for attacks on American common sense as well.

We live in a time when the feeling that everything is for everyone is prevalent. it’s not true. You can’t have it all. You should not aspire to have it all. This way of thinking is evidence of the power of greed to conquer culture and of humans’ cowardly willingness to submit in the pursuit of economic gain.

USA Today ran a column on Saturday attacking ESPN broadcaster Samantha Ponder for tweeting support for University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines.

Gaines rose to popularity against the trend of biological men with gender dysphoria competing in women’s sports. She played against William “Leah” Thomas in the NCAA. Gaines shared on Twitter last week several messages she received from parents and young girls in California who were upset about biological boys competing against girls in high school athletics in California. bottom.

Ponder retweeted Gaines and added a comment.

“I have said very little about the issue publicly, but many people have messaged me, stopped me on the street to say thank you, lost my job, or been disgusted. He told me stories of girls who were afraid to speak up because they were afraid of being beaten.It is not hate to demand fairness in women’s sports.”

The tweet provoked a heavy scolding from USA Today columnist Nancy Armor. I especially like playing sports. This is about hate, fear and ignorance, and has always been. ”

Armour said Sam Ponder is now biased because he believes biological boys and girls should compete in separate sports. Armer lashed out at Ponder for agreeing with Megan Kelly’s tweet mocking transgender “women” undergoing gynecologist visits. Armor complained that Ponder’s “likes” were “a hotspot for transphobic tweets.”

In April, Ponder tweeted that he regretted not speaking up sooner in support of Riley Gaines.

Are ESPN and men across the sport voicing their support for ESPN employee Sage Steele as Samantha Ponder has been speaking out on transsports issues?

Why would jocks, sports pundits and men betray Ponder, Steele and Gaines?

ESPN’s White and Black Knights will take to Twitter to defend the Queen of Asia if Mina Kims receives a spiteful tweet that she doesn’t deserve to be considered an “NFL Insider.”

With no money and no social media clout, there’s no rush to publicly rally around Ponder or Steele. You can’t raise the corporate stock index by pointing out the absurdity of men competing with women.

Every male former jockey at ESPN knows it’s unfair for biological boys to compete with girls. They are experts in their subject. They know far more about athletics than law enforcement, the criminal justice system, or American history.

They can’t wait to jump on TV and guess law enforcement in hindsight. They can’t wait to make bold statements about subjects they know little about.

But do boys compete with girls?


It’s a theme as basic as sports. It’s like arguing about Jordan vs. LeBron, or Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick’s NFL careers.

Why is ESPN avoiding this topic?

Because executives running the network are terrified of the Alphabet Mafia, and on-air talent fears a social media backlash. It’s collective meanness.

Two ESPN women, Ponder and Steele, are braver than Mike Greenberg, Stephen A. Smith, Ryan Clarke, Dan Orlowski, Jalen Rose, Max Kellerman and all the other men combined. . It’s embarrassing.

This is what happens when everyone chases the “bag”. It gives social media the power to eliminate common sense.

I sympathize with men and women who believe they were born the wrong gender. But common sense tells us that not everything is for everyone. Boys who identify themselves as girls cannot participate in girls’ sports. that’s life. A size 32 skinny, he’s always thought jeans look good on him. they are not for me. It doesn’t fit.

The solution to discomfort is not pandering to other people’s delusions. It helps them perceive reality. And the reality is that men’s silence on the issue of trans athletes speaks to our betrayal of women and God.

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