Whitlock: ‘The Tennessee Three’ and ‘The Memphis Three’ used children to elevate themselves and destroy the American paradise

The political drama taking place in the Tennessee House of Representatives is a reality show in the HBO documentary series Paradise Lost.

In three separate documentaries that launched in 1996, HBO desperately tries to exonerate three Satan-worshipping teens from West Memphis, Arkansas from the murders of three eight-year-old boys. It was made. The document turned convicted murderers Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jesse Misskelly into cult heroes dubbed the “Memphis Three.” Hollywood celebrities fell in love with the group’s occult mastermind Echols. Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder and actor Johnny Depp had a heated battle over the Memphis Three release.

Public pressure worked. After spending 18 years in prison, an Arkansas court negotiated Echols, Baldwin, Miss Kelly and Alford’s plea in 2011 to release them from prison while serving their sentences. Echols was on death row.

A few years ago I was completely fascinated by this case. He has seen all three HBO documentaries. Each doctor recklessly pointed to a new suspect. I have read several books on this case. On one occasion, I even sought out and spoke to a lawyer who was involved in a trial. At times, I was convinced that the police had rushed to justice. It was eventually learned that Echols was a Satanist and led two friends to participate in a ritual to murder his three children.

Yesterday, I was reminded of “Paradise Lost,” when three Tennessee politicians stepped on the corpses of three nine-year-olds and elevated themselves to political cult heroes. Three of him, Tennessee Congressmen Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson, became faces and victims of the Nashville Covenant Schools massacre.

Late last week, Jones, Pearson, and Johnson organized an anti-Secondary Amendment protest in the House, disrupting work on the floor. Using megaphones, Jones and Pearson, along with Johnson, successfully took over the House while protesters yelled in the gallery and outside the doors of the House, which he did in a miniature and harmless version of Jan. 6. bottom. In these bipartisan times, no one should be too surprised that the provocative actions of three Democrats sparked strong condemnation by Republicans.

Yesterday, Republicans voted to oust Jones and Pearson, falling one vote short of ousting Johnson. Jones and Pearson are expected to return to work in the next few days.

But that reality hasn’t stopped corporate media and political insiders from framing Thursday’s banishment as the latest example of “Mississippi Burning.” Johnson is white.

“What’s happening here today is a farce of democracy,” Jones said from the House floor. “What is happening here today is that the jury has already publicly announced their verdict. A lynching mob that has come together for our democratic process, not to lynch the

Jones later told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that he was voted for being a “virtuous black man”.

As Pearson spoke from the House floor, he changed the tone and tone of his voice to imitate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s all cosplay meant to distract from focusing on what caused a transgender woman to snap and kill Christian.

Nashville police have yet to release the Nashville shooter’s manifesto. Law enforcement in Colorado yesterday arrested a transgender person who was allegedly planning a school and church shooting. The suspect had written a manifesto expressing communist beliefs.

There may be a pattern here. Businesses, social media, and educators seem to promote gender dysphoria among young people, radicalizing them to view Christianity and Christianity as deadly enemies. The message seems clear: America would be a better and more inclusive place if Christians embraced a wide range of genders.So-called transgender people are justified in committing violence against Christians. .

But let’s stop discussing that. Let’s talk about racism and the need to repeal the Second Amendment. Those pulling the strings realize they don’t want the transgender discussion to take place in public. Matt Walsh’s documentary What Is a Woman? exposed the dangers of publicly defending transgenderism. The left wing looks crazy.

The way to go on the offensive is to mask the real agenda with race. Bring me a handy moron, the so-called Tennessee Three.

Justin Jones and Justin Pearson are the stars of this version of “Paradise Lost.” They recall the Satanic media darling, Damien Echole, who overshadowed his three 8-year-old boys, Steve Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers, who were killed in West Memphis, Arkansas, 30 years ago. It’s Z.

Does anyone know the names of the three nine-year-olds killed at the Covenant school? Evelyn Deekhouse, William Kinney, and Harry Scruggs.

Is it a coincidence that the Left always seems to use dead children to advance their agenda?

The Memphis Three was used to undermine confidence in our criminal justice system. Again, HBO paid for three different documentaries of him trying to prove the Memphis Three innocent. Each doctor irresponsibly accused someone else of the crime. Thirty years later, there are now civic groups who believe that violence is justified whenever a court renders a criminal verdict that the mainstream media is wrong and racist.

School shootings are being used to undermine the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. We can protect our children and our schools without disarming the American people. If you spend money on Ukraine and use it for school safety, you can end school shootings.

Children are sacrificed to empower governments and undermine the rights of citizens. We have lost our American paradise.

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