Who was Jared Ravizza’s first alleged victim, Bruce Feldman?

Massachusetts knifeman Jared Ravizza came from a strange home environment, living with a 70-year-old divorced woman in a vacation home before stabbing to death four children and two adults on May 25.

The self-proclaimed marketing guru, 26, is also suspected of starting the rampage by killing Bruce Feldman and his two dogs in Connecticut earlier in the day. Connecticut State Police.

Ravizza is accused of stabbing two adults at the McDonald’s and is currently being held for a psychiatric evaluation. Charges are pending in the death of Feldman and the stabbing of four girls under the age of 18.

It is unclear how the two met and began living together.

Jared Ravizza, 26, was taken into police custody. Wikipedia
Bruce Feldman, left, and Jared Ravizza are seen with Feldman’s poodle, Lily, in an undated social media photo.

Feldman, 70, of West Hartford, Connecticut, was an inventor who had fallen on hard times after a bad divorce.

Local gossip suggests he may have teamed up with Ravizza to help pitch an idea like this: The Ultimate Leaf Lifteror his stolen dog, Lily.

“This is absolutely shocking,” Feldman’s ex-wife, Julia, told The Washington Post in tears earlier this week, but declined to comment further.

She went through a long and bitter divorce and at one point sought a restraining order against her ex-husband.

In court documents following their separation, Julia said Feldman would frequently ask for money and became erratic when he didn’t give it to her.

At one point, the man told her he wouldn’t leave her driveway unless she gave him cash, and then began drinking large bottles of vodka and smoking marijuana inside her house, forcing her to find a hotel for the night.

Jared Ravizza appeared in an Instagram photo. Instagram/Jared Ravizza

The former couple, who have an adult son together, also fought over Julia’s poodle, Lily.

According to court documents, Feldman was so broke that he kidnapped the dog in order to monetize the dog videos.

In an affidavit in support of the restraining order, Julia alleged that Feldman ambushed her while she was walking Lily and a tug-of-war over the poodle ensued.

“A car pulled up alongside us, and it was Bruce,” Julia Feldman wrote in the affidavit.

“He rolled down the window and said he needed to keep Lily for a few days.

Jared Ravizza was carried away on a stretcher from the scene of the accident on Cape Cod. David Curran/

“He reached over and grabbed the dog’s harness and started pulling him towards the car. I struggled with Bruce. Bruce was pushing me with one hand and dragging the dog with the other.”

Bruce allegedly bent his ex-wife’s thumbs backwards to wrestle the poodle from her hand, then sped off with Lily on his lap and Julia clinging to the side of a moving car.

“Bruce put the car in reverse and started to move backwards. I was still half in the car, half being dragged along the road, trying to keep my feet and hold on to my dog,” Julia said.

“I was so scared of being seriously injured or run over that my grip eventually gave way and I collapsed to my knees on the road.

“Bruce drove off in his car with Lily.”

In a photo obtained by The Washington Post, Feldman is seen sitting on a couch with Lily on his lap and Ravizza beside him. Ravizza also owns a black poodle named Lila.

Residents of the quiet town of Deep River, where the Ravizza stabbing appears to have originated, recently told The Post that Feldman had lamented that he had no money but still planned to make money breeding dogs.

Photo by Jared Ravizza and Alena Shikhova. Instagram / Alena Sik

“Bruce said on multiple occasions that he didn’t have any money. It was clear that he didn’t have any money.”

“Bruce had a grey poodle. Bruce made a big fuss about it being a grey mountain poodle or some rare breed and said he was going to breed it, but it was in heat.”

Feldman’s ex-wife alleges that Bruce held Lily hostage over a four-day period in early June 2022 – three weeks before the kidnapping – and demanded a joint custody transfer before returning the poodle.

“He continues to hate me, demands $7,000 in monthly alimony, apparently made the dog part of his business without my consent, and spent millions of dollars on a marketing campaign about her that I expressly disagreed with months ago,” Julia Feldman wrote in the affidavit.

“And he accused me of sabotaging him by not letting him film the video.

“My neighbor said he started a YouTube channel about her and posts videos every day.”

Feldman was also accused of stealing his former mother-in-law’s engagement ring and demanding $5,000 to pawn it if it wasn’t returned.

Locals say it remains unclear how Bruce Feldman and Ravizza were related.

Charlie Brashears, 54, a cybersecurity consultant who lives next door to their rental property, told The Washington Post that Feldman had previously represented himself as Ravizza’s friend and then as his father.

“My understanding is that he stabbed the dog to death,” Brashears said.

“Bruce was a strange guy. Jared was obviously [mental health] break.”