Whoopi Goldberg Surprises Sydney Sweeney With Candy On ‘The View’: “I Carry Them Under My Chest”

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a gift when they stop by sceneryBut Sydney Sweeney got lucky this morning when she received a kind gesture from none other than Whoopi Goldberg.

Sweeney appeared on a daytime talk show to promote his new movie. spotlessrevealed that she kept small treats in the artificial stomach she had to wear due to her character’s pregnancy in the movie.

“I had to wear a fake pregnant belly in certain areas, but it ended up being rather convenient, needless to say,” Sarah Haines told guests.

Sweeney admitted, “Yes, I did.” She had snacks hidden in her pregnant belly,” Alyssa Farrah Griffin can be heard exclaiming, “I love it!”

When Haynes asked Sweeney what she had hidden, she replied, “I think I’d put Sour Patch Kids or Peanut M&Ms.”

Goldberg then whistled and said, “I have something to give you,” before reaching out to Sweeney and handing him a candy in a red wrapper.

“I want you to try this,” Haynes said, joking. “She has that in her belly too.”

As Sweeney accepted the candy, he asked, “Are you carrying this around too?” Goldberg said jokingly, “I carry them under my chest.”

Joy Behar and Sydney Sweeney appear on The View
Photo: ABC

The panel laughed, but they never saw Goldberg bring candy out of nowhere. During her Sweeney snack confession, her camera wasn’t filming her, and suddenly she magically had a candy in her hand. These are all things they said. Really From under your chest?I think it’s a secret scenery I want the viewers to know this.

When Sweeney thanks Goldberg, the host assures her that Candy is “covered.” euphoria The star promised, “I’ll eat it all.”

As for what the candy was, Goldberg didn’t reveal, but Sunny Hostin helpfully told Sweeney that it was “sweet and sour.” This seems to fit right in with her affinity for Sour Patch Kids.

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