Widely Travelled Man Creates Own ‘Republic’ In US Desert

The radio personality, who is said to have visited all 193 countries around the world, founded his own republic in the West Coast desert two years ago, CNN reported Thursday.

Randy “R dub!” Williams is a late-night DJ andSunday night slow jam”, Establishing the “United Territory of the Sovereign People’s Republic”. slow jamastanat a $19,000 desert patch along California Route 78, Dec. 1, 2021, CNN report. Williams said he “wanted a 194th country” because “there were no more countries” after visiting 193 countries. (Related: Thomas Jefferson’s ‘original draft’ of Declaration of Independence now accessible online thanks to Library of Congress)

A sign for the Republic of Sulojamastan off California Highway 78 in Southern California.Screenshot courtesy of Google Maps

Williams added that Sulojamastan “began with dreams and drugs”. [but] Mostly a dream”, and said its creation was inspired by a similar “micronation” in Dayton, Nevada, the “Republic of Morossia”. desert sun. The currency of Sulojamastan is the double, the official sport is Red Rover, the mascot is a raccoon named Sulojamastanley, and the natural resource is sand.

Covering an area of ​​about 11 acres, this so-called “republic” claims to have more than 500 “citizens.” But according to CNN, Williams is far from being officially recognized, as he wryly admits that his emails and social media messages to President Joe Biden have not been read.

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