Wife of Adam Britton , who was accused of bestiality, flees country and changes her name

Disgraced dog rapist Adam Britton’s wife has fled Australia and changed her name, according to reports.

Erin Britton left her husband, an alligator expert who admitted to raping, torturing and killing dogs. daily mail report.

Erin goes on a six-month safari to escape the spotlight after her husband’s shocking crimes become public.

A worker at McMinn’s Lagoon, the property of a couple who kept the crocodiles, said:

“I highly doubt that.

“She ended her marriage and passed away, but given her husband’s shocking actions, she will live in fear of being recognized wherever she lives.”

Erin Britton, the wife of disgraced zoologist Adam Britton, fled Australia and changed her name after her husband pleaded guilty to bestiality charges.

Amy Moore, a local hotel worker who lives in the nearby town of Humpty Doo, said she felt sorry for Erin, who was unaware of her husband’s crimes.

“It seems like she just upped and walked away from him. And can you blame her when you find out all the terrible things he confessed to in his previous court appearance?

“The rumor around these parts is that when Erin found out what her husband was up to, she ran away, that is, packed her things and left.

Britton pleaded guilty to 60 charges, including torturing, raping and killing at least 39 dogs.
Adam Britton / Facebook

“She went on a safari somewhere far away and I can’t imagine how she will get through this.

“They pretty much kept themselves to themselves unless they were dealing with film companies or conservationists like David Attenborough.

“No one I spoke to remembers seeing them go out, including eating together at the local tavern.

“We locals loved living here. It’s a truly exotic place. And now this person has traveled all over the world from England a few years ago to live in a poor place on our doorstep. He has tarnished our lives by what he has done to these animals.”

Ms Britton pleaded guilty in the Northern Territory Supreme Court on Monday to 60 charges, including torturing, raping and killing at least 39 dogs.

The court heard how he called animals “fucking toys”, raped puppies and ran a nightmarish “torture chamber” at his home 30 minutes from Darwin.

He also sexually abused his Swiss Shepherd pets, Ursa and Bolt, for nearly a decade before attempting to harm more dogs on Gumtree.

Just two years ago, he was known for his crocodile conservation work with Erin, a prominent researcher at Charles Darwin University and business partner.

The couple worked with film companies, providing footage of crocodiles and once hosted David Attenborough, who was filming sequences for the BBC BAFTA award-winning series In Cold Blood.

Employees at the couple’s property said it was “suspicious” that Erin Britton had returned after going on safari to escape the spotlight.
Adam Britton / Facebook
Britton admitted to sexually abusing his dogs Ursa and Bolt.

Britton used her Telegram account to connect with like-minded people, share images and records of animal abuse, and discuss her “kill count.”

“I’ve been suppressing it. For the past few years I’ve let it out again and now I can’t stop. I don’t want to do that,” Britton told an anonymous Telegram user.

Britton and Erin were featured in an interview about their research on ABC News and Triple J’s Hack.

The couple were filmed feeding freshwater crocodiles on their property during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown.

“Hello everyone, it’s Adam. Well, we’re home now and we have to feed the alligators,” Britton said in the video alongside his wife.

“So what I’m going to do is give this camera to Erin. Say ‘hello,’ Erin.”

Britton, a native of England, received his Ph.D. He completed his PhD in zoology at the University of Bristol and moved to Australia in 1996 to study crocodiles.

Britton was known for self-promotion, frequently updating her social media profiles with alligator photos and media appearances.

The court pointed to disturbing Facebook posts in which Britton celebrated her Swiss Shepherd’s first birthday in 2016, even though she had been abusing her dog since 2014.

During a raid on his home last year, police seized computers, cellphones, cameras, external hard drives, tools and weapons.

Britton is scheduled to be sentenced in December.
AFP/Getty Images

Chief Justice Michael Grant said Mr Britton’s actions amounted to “what can only be described as disgusting, painful and grotesque brutality” and that details of the incident could cause psychological harm to those exposed. Stated.

Mr Britton’s name was initially suppressed by the court, but the order was lifted after he pleaded guilty.

His sentencing is scheduled for December 13th.

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