Will viewership tank once Caitlin Clark heads to the WNBA?

Women’s basketball is now breaking records, and some believe it has more to do with Caitlin Clark than anything else.

The telecast of the South Carolina vs. Iowa game averaged 18.9 million viewers and peaked at 24.1 million viewers, the highest ever recorded for a men’s or women’s college basketball game on an ESPN platform. This is the number of views.

“She brought a lot of attention to women’s college basketball,” Jeffy tells Pat Gray. Pat Gray added: What is the most watched basketball game of all types?”

While this is an impressive feat, neither Gray nor Jeffery believe the ratings will continue if Clark moves to the WNBA.

“There’s going to be a lot more attention on women’s basketball in the future without Caitlin,” Jeffey said.

Gray wonders, “Will they stay there?”, while Jeffy predicts, “No way.”

Even the vice president recently joined in on this madness by pretending to be interested in women’s basketball, claiming that women’s teams weren’t allowed to have a bracket until 2022.

“Just a little history study, did you know that women’s teams weren’t allowed to have a bracket until 2022? Think about that,” Kamala Harris said, even though she was wrong Said.

“People were saying, ‘Oh, women’s sports, who’s interested?'” she added.

“I’ll get back to you next year when Caitlin is gone,” Gray laughs.

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