Williamson Says ‘Droves’ of Young Voters Will ‘Stay Home’ if Biden Nominee

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has said that if President Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee, a “flock” of young voters will be “at home” on Election Day.

“I think that video was very off the mark. People are feeling it,” Williamson said. Said of hills rising About Biden’s announcement video. “I think an entire younger generation is staying home in droves in response to what the video is doing as a pitch for the administration to the American public.”

Biden, who turned 80 on Tuesday, announced his plans to run for re-election in the form of a video on social media. At the end of his second term, he was 86.

Williamson also said his announcement “does not show that the administration is in contact with the American public.” She went on to say that his administration “gives everyone a fair chance” despite not raising the minimum wage, making the child tax credit permanent, or supporting railroad workers. questioned why Biden said he was aiming to

As Breitbart News’ Joel Pollack pointed out, Biden’s inaugural video made no mention of his achievements in his first term or his plans for a second term if he is re-elected. Instead, the video talked about abortion (“personal liberties”) and “MAGA extremists.”

See: What work do you get done? Biden’s 2024 Announcement Has No Results, Attacks “MAGA Extremists”:

Joe Biden/YouTube

Williamson also criticized the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in her interview for not holding a debate among Democratic presidential candidates. Joined candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Breitbart News Sunday.

Kennedy Jr. criticized the DNC for not scheduling a debate and for letting South Carolina vote ahead of New Hampshire.

“When so many Americans are concerned about the integrity of the election, we should do all we can within our party. [Democrat Party] Just to show you that this is not a rogue system.That it’s actually a democracy… people can run and debate, the public can see them, they can [the DNC] We do the opposite,” Kennedy Jr. said.

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