Wisconsin landlord sisters admit to stealing tenants dog, facing no jail time

Two Wisconsin landlords admitted to stealing a tenant’s dog after a dispute over a lease, but the dog remains missing a year after the trial began, but no prison sentences will be imposed. Not done.

On Halloween 2022, Susan Haas, 64, and her sister Sarah Engeses, 62, took Simon, a rat terrier owned by Linnea Sandlin, to a hospital where the landlords violated the terms of the property’s lease. He claimed that he had done so, so he took him away.

The sisters were both found guilty of misdemeanor charges of being a party to a crime with intent to take a dog and were ordered by Dane County Judge Ellen Barts to participate in a first-time offender program as part of their plea deal, rather than receiving prison time. .

“Simon, he was like my child,” Sandlin said in Dane County Court. According to WKOW. “I miss him and love him so much. I will never be able to replace him.”

Haas and Engeseth acquired the dog after John Isaacson, who was caring for Sandlin’s dog, showed up at his workplace. Sandlin knew that dogs were not allowed in rental properties, so Sandlin was looking for a better place for her dog to stay.

Simon, a rat terrier, was taken in by his owner’s landlord on October 31, 2022, after a dispute over the dog, which violated the terms of the rental agreement.

Isaacson said the woman showed her a lawyer’s letter claiming she had authority to take the dog to the shelter, and the woman reluctantly complied and surrendered Simon, a decision she has since regretted.

“He’s gone because of me,” Isaacson said. February outlet. “I didn’t fight for him. When they showed me the paper, I did what I thought I should have done.”

After getting the dog under control, Haas said he intended to hand it over to the local Dane County Humane Society, but Simon jumped out of the back of an SUV parked outside the facility and fled.

Susan Haas claims she was surrendering Simon to the Dane County Humane Society when the dog jumped out of the back of her SUV and ran away.
Dane County Jail

Haas argued in court that she made no effort to search for the dog after it ran away.

The Dane County District Attorney’s Office charged Haas and Engelseth with felony theft in December, but a month later, on January 30, Assistant District Attorney Paul Humphrey reduced the charges to misdemeanors. Court documents show that the announcement was made.

Mr Humphrey defended the decision, saying: “First-time offenders who are responsible for a crime usually have the opportunity for deferred prosecution.”

Sarah Engeseth and her sister Susan were both convicted of knowingly taking a dog with them, a misdemeanor charge of being party to a crime.
Dane County Jail

“I think the punishment for them is wrong,” said dog sitter Sandlin. “It went from a felony to a misdemeanor, but it will probably end up being okay.”

“I often wonder where there is justice in this,” Sandlin says. “I’ll always be the victim.”

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