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Woke Gestapo Now Targeting WaPo CEO and Publisher Will Lewis

Now that the corporate media’s woke Gestapo has successfully removed Rob Winnett The Washington Post Next to be fired is new editor-in-chief, CEO and publisher William Lewis.

And this all comes after the far-left post They lost half their readers. They lost $77 million last year alone. And as for credibility, well…

So, in the second half of 2023 The Washington Post Amazon’s billionaire owner, Jeff Bezos, made some moves: Will Lewis was brought in as CEO and publisher, putting an end to Sally Busby’s miserable three years as editor-in-chief, and Lewis persuaded Winnette to leave the company. The Daily Telegraph Why did you take over from Busby? Under Winnett, The Daily Telegraph It is popular and its annual revenue is post You lose. So it all makes sense. Except…

The Hitler Youth Post Newsrooms don’t want to hear about any reform or change. They post As their own anti-Trump, transgender/pro-child abuse blog. In fact, they feel entitled to give Bezos a $100 million a year cut. Do good things.

Jeff Bezos speaks in Las Vegas on June 6, 2019. (AP Photo/John Locker)

And then last week, based on a 20-year-old scandal that nobody cared about for 20 years, Post The Hitler Youth joined forces with the far-left The New York Times (of Times clearly, post He created a crumbling government to make a 20-year-old scandal that nobody cared about for 20 years important again. And it worked. Telegraph.

But now it’s time to capitalize on this same 20-year-old scandal that nobody cared about for 20 years (not even 10 years before Lewis became CEO of Dow Jones and publisher of newspapers). The Wall Street Journal) tried to remove Lewis and his reform agenda, so one of the corporate media’s finest men turned laser-focused on his target: the far-left. Politico Jack Schaefer…

Headline: “For Post’s Lewis, Credibility Dies in Silence.”

Subtitle: “I lost my editor and maybe my job because I refused to talk about past ethical lapses.”

This is Abstract:

Where will Lewis’ story take him next? The Washington Post In March, NewsMovement, a news startup co-founded by Lewis, was reported to have received funding from a venture capital firm led by former Qatari government official and billionaire Sheikh Sultan bin Jassim Al Thani, which also invests in the right-wing Newsmax channel. It seems likely that reporters are investigating. There is speculation in British journalism circles that Lewis could become further embroiled in a phone-tapping case if it is proven that he destroyed evidence. He could even be called to testify. Will Bezos continue to defend Lewis?


Every decent, normal person needs to pause for a moment to savor and appreciate this glorious blue-on-blue violence.

Trust me, this is all a good thing.

Keep the following in mind… The New York Times For many years, and currently, CNNLOL is run by the disgraced Mark Thompson. Thompson has been credibly accused of turning a blind eye to the BBC while BBC star Jimmy Savile was reported to have abused countless children…but who cares? Take a closer look at this…

In an effort to get Lewis fired, Schafer even holds up Thompson as a shining example of a British news executive adapting to American norms.

[Lewis] I spent four years in the 2010s. The Wall Street Journal Many other British news media executives, such as Dow Jones CEO Mark Thompson and CNN CEO Emma Tucker, have also had plenty of time to adapt to U.S. standards. The Wall Street Journal Bloomberg News reporters John Micklewaite and John MacGyver made it to the US without falling into a ditch.

So let me tell you what that “criteria” is, because Mr. Schaefer would never do that…

Don’t rock the boat.

Don’t reform.

stop it.

Until now.

It doesn’t matter if a human monster kills every child he comes into contact with while on your watch… as long as you don’t rock the boat or have a change of heart.

All destruction is post Being tied down by “journalistic ethics” after welcoming Mark Thompson into the club is a complete joke, but guys like Schafer are willing to make a fool of themselves to eliminate the risk of a reformed journalist reporting. post Between now and Election Day, something true and damaging may come out about Joe Biden.

And that’s what this is all about.

If it weren’t election season with Trump running, no one would care about a 20 year old scandal that no one has cared about for 20 years.

If Lewis hadn’t announced the change post None of this would have happened until after the election.

So let’s be thankful for an election season where Trump is on the ballot, because it’s great to see the pure police destroy their own people and ensure the destruction of a failing institution like Congress. The Washington Post Never reform.

Give me more.

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