Woke writer BLASTS child “racist” dressing up KC Chiefs game

Is it racist to dress up to support your favorite sports team? Especially if you’re a child, according to Caron Phillips.

Phillips, a reporter for the sports website Deadspin, tried to accuse a boy of racism after he dressed up as the Kansas City Chiefs mascot. The boy’s name is Holden Armenta. He had black face paint on half of his face and red face paint on the other half.

The article used Holden’s profile showing only its black side as evidence. The headline read, “The NFL needs to speak out against Kansas City Chiefs fans who wear blackface and indigenous headdresses.”

The article went on to accuse the boy of “doubling down on racism.”

Sara Gonzalez said she believed it was a “disgusting attempt by a mob to make a young child sick,” and that Philip was likely targeted because he was white.

“I hope they’re Nick Sandmann,” Chad Prather tells Jaco Buens and Gonzalez.

Booyens said it was clear the intent was to “target the most vulnerable people and say, ‘Oh, we can score here.'”

Phillips, whose first name is pronounced “Karen,” doubled down on her attacks on the child in a tweet.

“To the idiots who treat this as a harmless act just because the other side of his face was painted red in my mention, I would argue that it makes things even worse. You are the ones who hate Mexicans and yet wear sombreros in Cinco,” Phillips wrote.

However, more than half of the players in the NFL are African American. Prather said it makes no sense for racist kids to attend NFL games, let alone cheer.

“He’s rooting for them, supporting their careers, funding them,” Prather said, adding, “If Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had walked up to that kid, that kid would have been excited. and then he’ll take off his pants,” he added.

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