Woman charged with aggravated battery against 4 Chicago cops Sunday is released on Monday — the first day cash bail officially eliminated across Illinois

A woman charged with aggravated assault against four Chicago police officers on Sunday was released Monday. This was the first day cash bail was officially abolished throughout Illinois.

What are the details?

Esmeralda Aguilar, 24, of Cicero, was charged with four counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer after the incident at 2:38 a.m. Sunday in the 200 block of North Wabash Avenue. Said.

But she was released Monday, the same day the Pretrial Fairness Act, part of the controversial SAFE-T law, took effect. fox news Said.

More from Fox News:

Under the new law, judges can detain people they believe pose a danger to the community. If he is not dangerous or a flight risk, he will be released without posting cash bail.

Supporters of the law argue that cash bail punishes low-income defendants simply because they are too poor to stay out of jail. Critics said cities like Chicago are plagued by violent crime and the new law could put dangerous criminals back on the streets.

“I can assure you that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office is ready to enforce the Pretrial Fairness Act,” Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx posted on social media on Monday, according to FOX News. “This effort to detain not just the poor, but those who pose a real threat to our people, is the right thing to do.”

Cook County Board of Commissioners President Toni Preckwinkle said ending cash bail is “a milestone on the path to economic and racial justice in Cook County and the state of Illinois,” FOX News added. .

But Republican leaders in the Illinois Senate aren’t so happy.

A violent criminal arrested for attacking four Chicago Police Department officers and sending two to the hospital on his first day of no-cash bail was arrested after the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office refused to file charges. “The motion to keep the defendant in custody is problematic,” state Sen. John Curran, D-Downers Grove, said in a statement. WFLD-TV.

Curran added that this result is part of the reason why police recruitment is at an all-time low, according to the department.

“This highlights the misplaced priorities of Illinois’ criminal justice system, where prosecutors prioritize the freedom of violent criminals over the safety of police officers dedicated to protecting and serving their communities. Police Recruitment Isn’t it strange why the number is always rapidly increasing?Is it because my physical strength is low in this state? ” he said, according to the station.

According to WLFD, Republican state Sen. Terry Bryant said the funds lost by eliminating cash bail will further strain court resources and harm crime victims.

But Democratic state Sen. Robert Peters, one of the sponsors of the SAFE-T Act, told the station, “It doesn’t matter what’s in your wallet. What matters is how you can go home and live your life.” he said.

Aguilar’s next court date is scheduled for Sept. 25 in Skokie, according to WFLD.

Woman accused of attacking Chicago police released on no cash

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