Woman Claiming to be Jerry Jones’ Daughter Sues Him for Defamation

A Texas woman who claims to be the daughter of NFL owner Jerry Jones is suing him for defamation in federal court in Texarkana.

and lawsuit Alexandra Davis, filed Monday, said the Dallas Cowboys owner and two others have accused the billionaire’s “own daughter…” of being a “blackmailer” and “shakedown artist” motivated by money and greed. ‘, ESPN reported. .

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones watches ahead of the game against the San Francisco 49ers during the NFC Division Playoffs game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California on January 22, 2023. (Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Davis, a 26-year-old congressional aide, filed a lawsuit last year, alleging that an NFL owner paid her $375,000 in an attempt to get Jones to recognize her as his daughter. paternal relationship. During that lawsuit, however, Davis now alleges that Jones and several others engaged in a smear campaign against her and made comments “willfully based on false statements and accusations.”

In her latest lawsuit, Davis names Jones, NFL owner attorney Donald T. Jack Jr., and Jones’ outside communications consultant, Jim Wilkinson.

“Defendant Jones or his representatives have never denied that Plaintiff is the daughter of Defendant Jones,” Davis’ lawsuit states. “Instead, defendant Jones chose to call his daughter a ‘blackmailer’ in an attempt to discredit plaintiff’s reputation and character in the public eye in order to protect his own public profile. It was intended only to despise the image.”

A Texas appeals court has ordered Jones to provide a DNA test to settle Davis’ paternity claim by May 29. Davis claims that Jones impregnated her mother, Cynthia Spencer, with her Davis in 1995. Little Rock, Arkansas.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones watches before a game against the Houston Texans at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, December 11, 2022.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones watches ahead of their December 11, 2022 game against the Houston Texans at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

“Instead of acknowledging his child and having the opportunity to get to know his child, my father and his peers publicly defamed my reputation and intentions,” Davis told WFAA in a statement. “I have been wrongfully accused of ‘policing’ and ‘blackmail’. In truth, I am a daughter who does not fear retaliation and just wants to acknowledge her father. I will not allow words to determine me or my future.”

One of Jones’ attorneys, Levi G. McCann II, claimed that one of Davis’ attorneys told him that if Jones wanted the lawsuit to go away, he would have to pay. Davis’ attorney Andrew Bergman disputes the allegations.

Davis is seeking an unspecified amount of specific and punitive damages in her latest filing.

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