Woman gives birth in hospital parking lot, claims nurses sent her home hours earlier

An Arizona woman reportedly gave birth in a minivan parked in a hospital parking lot two hours after being sent home by a nurse, her family claims.

Sherazado Bedarte Gonzalez gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Luzbela, early Monday morning, just feet from the emergency room at Banner Casa Grande Medical Center in Phoenix.

“It was really traumatic,” said Bedarte Gonzalez’s mother, Lucy Villanueva. He told WSMV.

Bedarte Gonzalez was in such severe pain last week that she went to the hospital three times to make sure she was OK, but was sent home each time, her mother said.

She was told to leave the hospital again around 1 a.m. Monday and was advised by nurses to wait until her due date of May 25, Villanueva said.

Scheherazade Bedarte Gonzalez gave birth in a minivan outside a Phoenix hospital. Arizona Family
Her mother said nurses at the hospital had sent her home two hours ago. Arizona Family
The woman’s mother gave birth to the baby just outside the emergency room entrance. Arizona Family

Bedate-Gonzalez’s pain worsened after she returned home, so she was rushed back to hospital just two hours later.

“She said, ‘Mommy, the baby is coming out! We have to go!'” Villanueva said. “I heard, ‘It’s coming out! I can feel it. It’s already out,’ and I couldn’t believe it… I opened the door and the baby’s head was already out.”

Villanueva said she gave birth to a baby girl in the parking lot before medical staff arrived.

Baby Ruzbella was happy and healthy after a painful birth. Arizona Family

“I didn’t know what to do. I just put the baby on top of her and ran inside the house saying, ‘Help! Help! She’s having a baby! The baby’s coming out!'” she told WSMV.

The new mother was treated in the car park before being returned to the hospital.

Banner Casa Grande Medical Center denied the family’s allegations and said Bedarte Gonzalez returned home of her own volition.

“Sherazade Luz Bedarte Gonzalez was examined and evaluated before the birth. She was not in labour and chose to return home,” the hospital said in a statement. “She gave birth a few hours later. We are pleased that both Bedarte Gonzalez and her baby are doing well after the birth.”