Woman serving life for killing wife also murdered an ex

A Georgia woman serving a life sentence for the murder of her wife was also found guilty of killing her ex-girlfriend more than a decade ago.

Joyce Marie Pelzer, 47, was found guilty last Friday of the 2011 kidnapping and murder of former DeKalb County District Attorney Shondell McLeod. stated in a statement.

She was assisted in the murder by his wife, Rosalyn Lewis, who Pelzer later stabbed to death in December 2018, for which she is already serving a life sentence.

After the latest conviction, the prisoner was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Mr. Lewis had assisted Mr. Pelzer in kidnapping and murdering Mr. McLeod. McLeod was reported missing by his mother on September 25, 2011, shortly after her abusive relationship with him ended.

A few days later, police found McLeod's car in southeast Atlanta with a tarp and a spare tire in the back seat.

Joyce Marie Pelzer, 47, is currently serving two life sentences. Georgia Department of Corrections

Despite authorities interviewing Pelzer at the time of McLeod's initial disappearance, the case went unsolved for more than seven years until authorities contacted Pelzer's most recent girlfriend in August 2018. remained, the DA's office said.

The statement said his girlfriend, who was not named in the statement, told police that Peltzer had planned to kill McLeod for more than two to three months and then admitted to killing him.

Rosalyn Lewis died in December 2018 after being stabbed more than 30 times.
Roz Renee Foundation

Lewis allegedly helped Peltzer by hiring a hitman to help kidnap McLeod when Peltzer arrived at work.

The couple and their killer then allegedly held McLeod captive for several days “while they dug a hole for her body,” the statement said, but did not elaborate on how they killed her. ing.

Shondell McLeod was reported missing by his mother on September 25, 2011.

The same “latest girlfriend” who helped crack the McLeod case later told police in December 2018 that Pelzer had been planning to kill Lewis, with whom she had filed for divorce.

Just a few days later, officers responded to a motel in Conyers where they found Lewis “suffering from over 30 stab wounds,” a prosecutor's statement said.

Lewis died from her injuries, and Pelzer was arrested in a dramatic standoff with Georgia State Patrol troopers, who shot and killed the suspect when she pointed a gun at him.

Peltzer later claimed in an interview with police that it was Lewis who orchestrated McLeod's murder.

She told investigators that she buried her ex-lover on Mount Arabia, but his body has never been found, the DA's office noted.

Pelzer pleaded guilty to charges related to Lewis' death in January 2021, but the DeKalb County District Attorney's Office declined to comment Friday.



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