Woman’s Head Found At Same Park Where Kids Discovered Severed Limbs

A woman’s head was found Friday in the same Long Island park where a man’s arm was found Thursday, according to multiple reports.

Investigators found five severed limbs at Suthers Park Pond in Babylon, New York. according to NBC. The head, legs and arms were found to be those of a woman, all believed to belong to a single victim, but “that will be determined through scientific testing and an autopsy,” said Suffolk County Detective Kevin Baylor. he said. Said New York Post.

The other two arms recovered belong to men. At this time, it is unknown if the weapon belonged to one of the victims. He had tattoos on his left arm and his fingertips had been removed, according to the New York Post. Without fingerprints, police cannot identify him based on his criminal history. Some agencies keep records of suspects’ tattoos, and authorities hope the tattoos will aid in the identification process, the newspaper noted.

A group of teens initially found the left arm in the bushes while walking to school Thursday, NBC reported. A child called his father, who called the police to the scene. Later that day, a police dog searched the area and found the human leg about a mile from the original location. (Related: Student finds human remains on Arkansas high school campus).

The right arm was found about 20 feet from the first arm late Thursday, the newspaper reported, citing police. Police said it appears the body had not been left in the park for a long time. “Preliminarily, it looks like it’s a matter of days, if not hours,” Byler told the Post.

The New York Post reports that authorities are currently investigating whether the incident is related to the MS-13 gang. This gang is known to be active in the area.

The investigation is ongoing and is being treated as a homicide, the Post said.