Working Class Voters Want a ‘Big-League Hitter’ in Donald Trump

Trump President Billy Bova, a Democratic supporter of former President Donald Trump, told Breitbart News that speaking about the Republican primary, working-class voters will rally in support of Trump. “

Boba Said breitbart news saturday Host Matthew Boyle said working-class Americans are feeling the pain of inflation: grocery stores, gas stations, auto markets, housing markets.


Boba acknowledged low unemployment in the United States, but said wages were not keeping up with inflation.

“And the problem is that in the last few years, rent from $1,200 a month has gone to $1,800 a month, gas has gone from $1.79 to $4.79, and a carton of eggs has gone from $0.89 to $5.89. So let’s say you’re making $700,000 a year, well, in two years, maybe a 2% 3% raise, and you’re still making 72 or 73 grants a year before taxes. , the small percentage of raises and raises they get do not keep up with the day-to-day costs of living they face in America, such as buying a house, paying rent, buying a car,” he said. Stated. He said.

Boyle asked Boba if the Democratic Trump movement would unite again to support Trump in the 2024 election.

“There will definitely be a movement,” Boba told Boyle. “There are people right now talking and working together and trying to set things up and set up the infrastructure for that in these major battleground states that are especially important.”

He cited battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin as areas where the Trumpocrat movement will focus on getting voters to vote for Trump.

“So if you think about getting 270 electoral votes, and you look at the map and the electoral votes, the key is in these battleground states, you and I and people like us. I know it,” he explained.

“But the problem is, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, these states are industrial zones, historically the industrial zones of Hartland, and they still have a lot of people. It’s the center of class and America’s manufacturing belt,” Boba continued. “And efforts are underway to organize those people and get votes with them.”

Regarding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R)’s recent Republican primary nomination, Bova said working-class voters “want a big-league hitter, not a peepee-league hitter right now,” so Trump I believe he will come back.

He said working-class voters might not have liked Trump’s “every moment,” but given the former president’s business background and ability to squarely confront business and foreign leaders, he said they would have been more likely to get the job done. , explained that working-class voters would be persuaded to support Trump again.

“I think most of them still are. Did you love every thing of the day, every moment?No, everyone loves everything they do every moment of their lives.You know it and I know it.But they don’t care about the direction of the country. was satisfied,” he said.

“And they felt that Donald Trump was a big league hitter, a heavyweight player. He was not scared of South Korea, he could deal with China as long as they tried to screw us with trade and other issues, he could deal with Russia and President Putin. It’s not that they invaded the country next to him and killed innocent people.He also has the experience and background in business that when he speaks, the CEOs will listen to him and lead major corporations. The people in the banks and the people on Wall Street listened to him, and you know, a lot of being president comes from a position of authority and strength. I think they felt like Donald Trump, President Trump came from that position,” Boba added.

But he acknowledged that working-class voters are drawn to Mr. DeSantis’ “anti-awakening” policies.

“Do they like Ron DeSantis and anti-Awakening stuff? I’m sure many Democrats do too. By the way, we old Democrats like anti-Awakening stuff, but now they’re asking. It’s not the PP League hitters, it’s the big league hitters, and they have the proven authority and strength to handle world affairs, they can handle China, they can handle Russia, they can handle North Korea. , I think they’re looking for someone who can handle the EU and who can handle the corporateists and the people on Wall Street and all that when they try to sell out the American workers and the American manufacturers. will come back to Donald Trump and I think they will still be with him and many others and I think they will come back,” he said.

Boba said voters weren’t “scary, paranoid” or “afraid” because of the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic, so the 2024 Trump-President Joe Biden hypothetical A rematch would be different from Trump’s defeat in 2020.

“That election year was also a strange, strange situation because something happened there that hadn’t happened in America in over 100 years since 1918, a global pandemic. Everyone was scared, paranoid, terrified, felt like lockdowns, office closures, business closures, school closures, all closures, economic downturn, many things and 75% of GDP is personal consumption, direct consumption every day throughout the year,” Boba explained.

Working-class voters who supported Trump in 2016 but may have backed Biden in 2020 are back on Trump’s side in the face of rising inflation in 2024. Mr. Boba hypothesized that it would.

“Those people are now back at work, their kids are back in school, rent is up $500 a month, a new car is $20,000 more expensive than it was two or three years ago, and gas bills have gone up. was $4.50 a gallon, and now a carton of eggs is $5.

“You know, people now feel like they don’t have to get paid to leave home, go back to school, go back to work, go to the grocery store, go to concerts and restaurants. I think they’re more back in the mood and timeline of 2016 than they were in 2020, economic, social, and all the emotions,” he said.

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