World-Renowned Fiddler Reunites with Violin Stolen in Portland

A famous violinist breathed a sigh of relief after his violin was returned unharmed after it was stolen in Portland, Oregon, in November.

Alasdair Fraser's violin and bow were stolen from a rental car parked in the city's downtown, report Friday.

In a Nov. 14 social media post, Fraser said: share He posted images of the missing items and asked fans to contact him if his “Kit & Kaboodle” turned up.

According to an article on, two people brought stolen items to the David Carr Violin Shop in Southeast Portland on Wednesday.

After the individuals sold them to businesses, employees realized they were stolen items and immediately contacted Fraser.

fraser be familiar with Here's what happened in Thursday's social media post:

The transaction was completed at the store and payment was made by check. And right away, the kind folks at the Kerr family found out that they had just purchased my stolen equipment and called me!! The check was canceled and they flew me to Portland at 5am this morning. , I was reunited with my fiddle and bow!! A miracle! !Everything else is gone, but I'm very, very happy to be reunited with the music creators I trust!! Thank you so much everyone! david carr violin shopespecially Esther Sim!!!

It's been quite a day! Yesterday evening, December 6th, someone walked into the David Carr Violin Shop in Fairtown.

Contributor Alasdair Fraser upon Thursday, December 7, 2023

Fraser said he lost hope while the items were missing and considered finding another instrument to play.

He and cellist Natalie Haas arrived in Portland to perform on November 13, when the carjacking occurred near the Multnomah County Central Library. His violin and bow were taken along with her cello, sheet music, musical equipment, and their luggage.

“The two recovered Haas's cello later that day from an unknown man who had read Haas's phone number on the case and told them he had bought it from a man on the street for $40 but had quickly changed his mind.” reported Oregon Live. This was reported by .com.

Before boarding their flights home, the musicians visited the David Kerr Violin Shop and asked employees to be on the lookout for valuable stolen items.

Fraser has been playing and traveling with that violin for the past 40 years, so it's priceless to him.

Portland law enforcement said no arrests had been made, but asked anyone with more information to contact authorities.

Ms Fraser is extremely relieved about the way things are progressing and said: “I'm really happy to have my old instruments back.” He wants to go home and write lots of songs. ”

In October, Breitbart News broke the story of a Michigan couple visiting Portland who had their car broken into twice in the crime-ridden, Democratic-controlled city.



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