Would-be carjackers in Chicago pick the wrong victim — a concealed carrier who turns the tables by pulling his own gun, returning fire, wounding one suspect

On Sunday evening, would-be car robbers picked the wrong victim outside a Chicago mall. A hidden courier pulled his own gun and fired back, injuring one of the suspects and turning the tide.

What are the details?

WBBM-TV reported The incident took place outside the Ross Clothing Store at the Ford City Mall on the southwest side of the city. The store is located at Block 7600 on South Cicero Avenue.

Two suspects approached the victim, 24, and one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire, according to police. Reported by WLS-TV.

But police told WLS that the victim had valid firearms identification and a concealed possession permit, and fired back, shooting one of the suspects in the thigh. rice field.

Police told WLS that the two suspects were arrested Sunday night at Block 7400 on South Cicero Street and Block 2700 on West 68th Street.

Police announced Tuesday morning that Anton Cheeks, 21, and Travel Quadir Deal, 18, were charged with attempted car hijacking and will appear in bail court on Tuesday, according to WLS.

WBBM identified the victim as a male. There were no reports of other injuries associated with the shootout.

Suspect shot dead by target victim in concealed carry outside Ford City

anything else?

This year alone, there were similar reports of crime victims effectively using firearms for self-defense.

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