Wray to call Comer about FBI file accusing Biden of bribery scheme

WASHINGTON – FBI Director Christopher Wray held a call on Wednesday with House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer to discuss informant files implicated in a $5 million bribery scheme when President Biden was vice president. I plan to.

Mr. Comer (R., Kentucky) issued a subpoena for the documents almost a month ago, setting a deadline for Mr. Wray to Tuesday before the committee takes action for insulting Mr. Wray.

“You have until May 30, 2023 to respond to the subpoena,” Mr. Comer warned Mr. Ray in a letter last week. “If Form FD-1023 is not filed by that date, the Commission will begin proceedings for contempt of Congress.”

It’s unclear what the timing of the call portends to Ray’s submission, but the FBI has so far refused to provide the files, citing concerns over the informant’s confidentiality and the fact that the informants were unconfirmed. .

Comer released the information on May 3, after a whistleblower contacted Sen. Issued a subpoena for the provider file.

FBI Director Christopher Wray faces Tuesday’s deadline to respond to a subpoena for an informant file accusing President Biden of bribery.

The FBI said last week that “disclosure of classified sources could jeopardize investigations and endanger lives.” The FBI remains committed to cooperating with Congressional oversight requests regarding this and other matters. ”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Republican, Calif., called Mr. Wray on May 19 to try and help mediate the dispute, but later said he thought the agency would respond.

“The FBI continues to bind itself to ignoring valid subpoenas from Congress, which it has a constitutional oversight obligation,” Grassley said last week.

Joe, Jill, Hunter Biden
As Vice President, Joe Biden met with many of his son’s foreign business partners.
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“The agency has caused serious reputational problems with a spate of missteps and excesses, and the leadership has done nothing to stymie Congress,” said a longtime senator and co-chair of the Whistleblower Protection Caucus. said he, who served as

“The FBI knows exactly what documents Director Comer and I want, and if the FBI knows anything about us, somehow we can get it. They know that if the FBI leadership really cares about protecting the FBI’s reputation, they will cooperate.”

Mr. Kummer and Mr. Grassley have not publicly discussed key details of the bribery allegations, including clarifying which country or US policymaking was involved.

James Comer
House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer threatened to insult Mr. Wray.
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Congress has a number of tools to compel government agencies to comply with subpoenas, including lawsuits and withholding of funds. In addition to insult votes, which are generally aimed at humiliating the target, lawmakers can also impeach officials.

According to Hunter’s discarded laptop files, photos, and eyewitness memoirs, Joe Biden, during and shortly after his vice presidency, allegedly killed his son, Hunter Biden, and others from China, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. He was hanging out with friends of his brother James Biden.

He even appeared to have agreed to a 10% cut in China’s government-linked energy deal negotiated in 2017.

Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss on false charges of tax evasion, money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying, and drug use on gun purchase forms.

Hunter wrote in a file on his laptop that he had to share “half” of his income with his father.

hunter biden
Hunter Biden has been under a criminal investigation for five years, and whistleblowers say the case is moving slowly.
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IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, who has overseen Hunter’s tax fraud investigation since January 2020, testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday about allegations of “preferential treatment” in the five-year investigation.

The IRS’s lead investigator, who has been in charge of the investigation since it began in 2018, said last week that the IRS had appointed a 13-person investigation team in retaliation for Shapley’s contact with Congress on May 15. After being fired, he stepped forward to support his boss.

FBI agents assigned to the investigation are also reportedly frustrated that no charges have been filed after completing most of the work on the case last year.

Comer has sought to prove that President Biden misused his previous job for family benefit, and during a May 10 press conference, he said that Joe Biden would be influenced by China, Romania and other countries. They have identified nine members of Biden’s family who allegedly earned foreign currency income from a country in power.

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