‘WTF’: Darwin Blanch Hilariously Freaks Out When He Realizes He Has To Play Rafael Nadal In The Madrid Open

“Guys, I’m playing against Nadal, oh my god,” Branch posted with a photo of himself covering his mouth in disbelief.

Nadal is 37 years old, so he and Blanche are 21 years apart. Before Branch was born in 2007, Nadal had already won three Grand Slam titles. This is Branch’s second match at the tour level.

I can’t even blame him for his reaction, but at the same time (and I’m sure he does too), you have to be grateful for the circumstances — I mean, you get to play an absolute legend in this movie. So is this the second match in tour history?

Yeah, even if it blows up, it’s pretty cool. You’re playing Nadal for the second time, I’m sure he’ll forgive you, so there’s no need to put pressure on Branch.

Just go out and have fun, that’s what I want to do. He might be able to pull off a big upset like he did against Nadal before.