Wynonna Judd’s daughter Grace Kelley hit with prostitution charges

The daughter of country music legend Wynonna Judd flashes her breasts while flaunting a “Ride for a Ride” sign on a busy Alabama highway Thursday in an alleged drug-induced frenzy. She was charged with prostitution.

Grace Pauline Kelly, the troubled 27-year-old daughter of the famous “Rock Bottom” vocalist, was seen at the busy intersection of Interstate 65 and Highway 14 in Millbrook on April 5. appeared and was picked up.

She was initially charged with lewd acts and obstructing government operations, but authorities charged her with solicitation of prostitution nearly a week later. Records show. All three charges are misdemeanors.

Grace Pauline Kelly was charged with solicitation and prostitution nearly a week after her arrest. Elmore County Jail/MEGA

Mr. Kelly has a history of drug abuse and remains in jail on $2,000 bail.

Police were twice alerted to the troubled woman’s behavior in public, and initially offered her a chance to return home without incident.

They found a scantily clad Kelly strolling down the highway near Walmart, holding up an apparent hitchhiking sign.

“And when she made contact with our officers, she argued with them about the legality of what she was doing. And that she offered herself in exchange for a ride to the car. was not illegal,” Millbrook Police Chief PK Johnson said. he told the Daily Mail.

Kelly reportedly broke into the Circle K wearing scantily clad clothing and claimed he had been robbed. NurPhoto (from Getty Images)

Kelly left the scene when asked, but an hour later he broke into a nearby Circle K gas station and declared he had been robbed.

“During her stay, she apparently got into a disturbance with some of the guests,” Johnson said.

The store employee called 911, but Kelly fled the store before police arrived.

But she didn’t get far. She was found on another highway nearby with her upper and lower body and her sign flashing.

Kelly is a mother of one and has a troubled past with substance abuse. Facebook

“She wasn’t wearing proper clothing. She wasn’t covering what needed to be covered. And she was in that condition, and while the drivers were passing by, she was on a ‘Ride for a Ride.’ They were holding up signs and showing off who they were,” Johnson said.

Police chiefs previously reported that Kelly was “agitated” and refused to identify himself or cooperate with police.

Because of her argumentative behavior and disturbing state of clothing, police arrested her on charges of obstructing government business and later added additional charges.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed suspicions that the strange incident was caused by drugs.

Wynonna Judd reportedly feels “distraught and helpless” over her daughter’s recurring problems. Getty Images

“She may not have had any drugs in her possession at the time of her arrest, but looking at the booking photo, not that long had passed,” he said.

In the booking photo, Kelly’s face is swollen and bruised, and her right eye appears to be nearly closed due to inflammation.

It’s still unclear what Kelly was doing on the Alabama Highway. Her last listed address is in Franklin, Tennessee, where her mother lives with her third husband, Scott Moser.

Sources told the Daily Mail that Kelly’s famous mother, who boasts 20 No. 1 hits over her long career, has not spoken to her abandoned daughter since her recent arrest. That’s what it means.

Instead, family representatives have been in touch with the court regarding Kelly’s condition, and only her father, businessman Arch Kelly III, has spoken to police.

Sources claim Judd feels guilty that his fame may have caused his daughter’s problems. film magic

“I’ve dealt with parents who are in this situation and don’t have the resources that they have. But I don’t think it’s as important as what they’re going to do. Sometimes they Sometimes it’s about what the person has already done to help,” Johnson said.

“What I got from talking to him, and this is just my opinion, is that they’ve been trying to help her and so far it’s been futile. Maybe they’ve tried to help this young woman. I’ve tried many times to get it.”

Judd says he feels “distraught and helpless” over his suffering daughter, but plans to take custody of Kelly’s daughter Kariyah if she is sent back to prison.

“She just doesn’t know if there’s anything she can do other than what she’s already doing,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Kelly remains in jail on $2,000 bail, records show. Facebook

“While Wynonna truly only wants her own happiness and prays for her constantly, she blames herself for Grace’s unhappiness, especially her addiction. Wynonna, because of her own fame, doesn’t want the best for Grace. I feel like I couldn’t be a parent.”

Kelly has a long criminal history, including meth charges and probation violations, and was sentenced to eight years in a Tennessee prison in 2018.

Kelly, who is the niece of actress Ashley Judd and granddaughter of the late country star Naomi Judd, was later released on parole, according to news reports.

However, she was arrested again in May last year on charges of violating a restraining order and violating the terms of her parole.