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Popular cryptocurrency XRP, which rose 7% in May, could face potential turmoil in June. Last month, XRP rose above the key psychological milestone of $0.50 and remained stable, much to the frustration of investors who were expecting a more dramatic price movement.

While May’s performance is in line with the token’s historical average growth of 27.7%, June may not bring similar positive returns.


Historically, the first month of summer has not been a favorable month for XRP. Over its 10+ year history, the average return for June is -5.59% and the median is -8.92%. This suggests that XRP is likely to fall next month. Crypto RankHowever, the last time XRP recorded a profitable June was in 2017, and every June since has ended with a loss of at least 8.15%.

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While the cryptocurrency market is notoriously unpredictable, XRP’s historical data is a significant sample given that it is one of the oldest tokens on the market. Investors should be cautious, as patterns over the years suggest that negative returns are likely in June.

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The stability that XRP has shown in May stands in stark contrast to the less optimistic outlook for June, despite the lack of major fluctuations. If the historical trend continues, XRP bulls may be disappointed as the token could see a drop.


While the market awaits the results, the reliability of XRP’s price history remains in question. It remains to be seen whether historical patterns will continue into June, but the data suggests that investors hoping for growth in the first month of summer should tread with caution.