Yankees’ Aaron Judge, Anthony Volpe cherish John Sterling’s calls

TORONTO — Whenever the Yankees acquired a new player or called up a player from the minor leagues, the conversation on the team bus often revolved around one question.

What will John Sterling’s new home run call be?

“What is John going to come up with this time?” Judge Aaron said on Monday. “What is he going to use? He’s going to use his last name, his first name, how is he going to do this? He always outdoes us and creates great stuff that the fans love and listen to. We love it as players too.”

John Sterling announced his retirement on Monday. AP

The next player to hit his first home run as a Yankee won’t feel the same excitement as Judge and Anthony Volpe did when they first heard Sterling’s home run call. The longtime Yankees radio commentator retired on Monday, effective immediately. .

“He was very resourceful and smart,” the judge said. “John is an important part of this family and he will be missed.”

Judge has hit many home runs over the years that Sterling calls.

His line is, “This is a judge explosion!” Everyone stand up, here comes the judge! ”

Aaron Judge said hearing John Sterling’s home run call was “pretty special.” Jason Suzens of the New York Post

When asked his favorite memory of Sterling, Judge replied, “I think just hearing my first home run call from him.” “When I was a kid, I used to listen to it all the time, watch old Yankees games, listen to old broadcasts. To have the opportunity to hear my name on the first song was so special.” That was it.”

Judge’s father was at the game when Judge hit his first home run, but then went home, found the call on YouTube and “played it over and over again,” the Yankees captain said. .

For Volpe, like Sterling, a native New Yorker, the home run call was one of the few calls that spoke a different language. “Anthony Volpe!” Spettacolo oggi! Oh, the fox is wearing a sock on the left. ”

Volpe, of course, means fox in Italian, and “spettacolo oggi” roughly translates to putting on a show.

“It was definitely special,” Volpe said of the first time he heard Sterling’s call. “Super special. …It’s definitely very surreal. He’s iconic.”

Volpe’s family also enjoyed it.

“When they weren’t at the game, yeah, they listened to him on the radio,” Volpe said.

Anthony Volpe’s home run call from John Sterling used a different language. charles wenzelberg

Sterling’s home run call was as memorable as the cry of “Hi!” It’s far away! It’s gone! It was in front of them.

“Sometimes the things he comes up with are mind-boggling,” manager Aaron Boone said. “But we all can’t wait to hear it and we can’t wait to hear his voice calling them. I think they appreciate it.”