‘Yellowstone’ Snubbed Again, This Time By The Screen Actors Guild Awards

The clowns who run the Screen Actors Guild have joined their partners in idiocy, the Emmys, in deciding not to nominate “Yellowstone” for any awards in 2023.

The “Yellowstone” season five premier in November drew nearly 16 million viewers, according to Deadline, making it the most watched cable premier since 2017. Apparently the critical acclaim and public support for Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy drama isn’t good enough for the boring old farts at the SAG Awards, who didn’t even give a nod to the show’s incredible crew, let alone the first-class cast.

SAG is clearly pulling the same shit as the Emmys, which refused to nominate “Yellowstone” in 2022.

The full list of nominees for the 2023 SAG Awards dropped on Wednesday, and while some great shows are up for big awards, the fact that none of Sheridan’s epic dramas (which include “1883,” “Tulsa King” and the new “1923“) were included is childishly pathetic on the part of Guild, in my opinion.

Perhaps “Yellowstone” was snubbed because it’s unfair for the series to compete against others? There’s no way “The Crown” or “Severance” would stand a chance against the “Yellowstone” juggernaut. Both of those series, though interesting, were pretty dry overall.

“Better Call Saul” and “The White Lotus,” however, are serious contenders for the award. My hope is that “Better Call Saul” wins in every single category. (RELATED: The Conclusion Of ‘Better Call Saul’ Proves It’s The Best Television Series Of All Time)

Aside from the total disrespect shown to Sheridan and his cast and crew, not being nominated shouldn’t be a huge issue for the show. No one even watches these award shows anymore. I’d be surprised if 16 people tuned in to watch the 29th SAG Awards, let alone 16 million, so who’s the real winner here? It sure ain’t the so-called, self-appointed Hollywood elite.

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