‘You Can’t Deny’ Animated Kids Series Has Gay Subtext

Showrunner for new animated kids series on Apple TV+ frog and toad Claiming that gay subtext was also present in classic children’s books published in the 1970s, it is “not possible to deny that there is a gay subtext between the show’s two male protagonists.” you can’t”.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, showrunner Rob Hoegee said it was important to include gay people in the new series, which begins streaming on Friday.

Hoegee told the outlet that “a significant number” of his cast and crew are LGBTQ+. and ensure that the toad continues to live in whatever form it takes.”

“You can’t deny that,” said Hoegee. “It’s part of the book, it’s part of the legacy.”

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“For people, a lot of readers in certain age groups, frogs and toads as characters seen through a queer lens are very important to them,” Hoegee told the Daily Beast.

“As far as these characters go, there’s no denying what it means to them. If you look at the characters in the books that way, it’s fair to say that you have the opportunity to see a similar perspective in the show.”

like Sesame streetBert and Ernie, the original frog and toad characters in Arnold Lobel’s book, have become icons in the LGBTQ+ world, even though the book contains no homosexual references at all.

Arnold Lobel, who was gay, never said the characters represented a gay couple. In the books, frogs and toads are best friends who embark on a series of adventures, including flying kites, discovering nature, and swimming.

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