You could get in big trouble for throwing these items in trash

Some things are more difficult to dispose of than others.

Items such as batteries and electronics cannot be thrown away in regular trash cans as they can be very harmful to the environment.

If you have an old item that still works, such as a television or cell phone, donating it is a great way to get rid of it.

For things like old motor oil and unused paint, you’ll need to take a few extra steps and contact a recycling center to properly dispose of them.

Here are some common items that can’t be thrown in the trash, and where you can throw them instead.

1.Household storage battery

There are some batteries that you can throw away in the trash, and some that you shouldn’t.

For example, alkaline batteries, including standard AA, AAA, and 9-volt batteries, can be thrown in the trash.

Items such as batteries and electronic equipment cannot be disposed of in regular trash cans.
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However, button or coin batteries, like those used in calculators and watches, contain silver and mercury and should not be thrown in the trash. Instead, take it to a battery recycler or see if your retailer will take the battery for you.

2. Smartphone or tablet

The easiest way to get rid of your old phone is to trade it in for a new phone. Some carriers may even take your old device back.

Electronics retailers often have their own recycling programs, so you may want to consider these programs. When disposing of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, be sure to perform a factory reset to erase personal information.

3. TV

Televisions contain glass, lead, and other chemicals that are dangerous to the environment.

Similar to the process of disposing of a cell phone or tablet, visit your electronics store and see if they will recycle your device.

Instead of throwing your TV in the trash, consider taking it to an electronics store or thrift store.
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You can also contact your local recycling facility for more information on how to dispose of your television.

Additionally, consider passing your device on to a friend or donating it to a thrift store.

4. car battery

Lead and acid are both found in car batteries, so they can’t be thrown in the garbage with your household waste.

If you take your car to a shop, they will dispose of the battery. If you want to replace the battery yourself, contact your local auto parts store, as they may be able to take your old battery back.

This works the same way with car tires. If you have your tires replaced at an auto shop, they will take away your old tires. If you want to replace your tires yourself, you can take your old tires to a dealer and most will recycle them for you.

5. Motor oil

When you change your car’s oil, set aside the container that contained the new oil.

This allows you to reuse the same container to safely transport your used oil when it’s time to change your oil again.

Lead and acid are both found in car batteries, so they can’t be thrown in the garbage with your household waste.
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Used oil can be taken to a recycling facility or auto center.

6. Thermometer

If you have a thermometer that contains mercury, it cannot be thrown away with regular trash. Many thermometers mimic mercury but are labeled as “mercury-free.” This thermometer can be thrown away.

If you want to get rid of a thermometer that contains mercury, you can look for small businesses or universities that will donate it.

Another option is to find a hazardous waste collection facility in your area.

7. Paint

Paint is another household item that must be disposed of carefully.
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Paint can be toxic and dangerous. If you need to remove latex paint, remove the top, let it dry, then throw it in the trash.

To speed up the drying process, mix the mixture with cat litter and wait until the mixture hardens.

If you need to dispose of your oil-based paint, you must take it to a collection center for safe disposal.

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