‘You … Do Realize He Got Crushed?’: Watters Calls Out Dem Strategist For Gushing Over Newsom’s Debate Performance

FOX News host Jesse Watters on Friday criticized California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stance on his debate performance, criticized Democratic strategist Nomiki Const., and acknowledged he was “devastated.” I questioned whether it was true.

Const. appeared on “Jesse Watters Prime Time” to discuss the recent debate between Newsom and Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Watters first asked the strategists for their thoughts on Newsom’s performance.

Const. said Newsom not only looked “presidential,” but was also “sharp,” and as an educated politician “uncontroversial.” (Related: Exclusive: Gavin Newsom’s pre-debate hype song is exactly what you’d expect)

“I mean, listen, he didn’t just come wanting to be president. Now, that’s all been said — he looks presidential. Apparently, he’s been left out of the main cast. ‘s family is beautiful. He was sharp,” said Const. “So he was on stage debating not just former congressmen and current governors and lawyers.”

“Why do you say he wasn’t having an argument?” Mr. Watters asked.

“I mean, he was so fast. He was pulling numbers left and right,” was the immediate reaction of Const.

Mr. Watters interjected that the numbers Mr. Newsom cited were “not correct,” and Mr. Const. pushed back, insisting that “Polity Facts got through.”

“PolitiFact, stop with PolitiFact. They still say that laptop is fake, get out of here. But do you really understand that he’s beaten down by the substance? Watters he asked. “So all the statistics are there: borders, taxes, crime, poop map! Was poop map fake news?”

Const. said the “poo map” was “fake news” because Newsom wasn’t mayor at the time, noting that it was also just a “gimmick” and not “actual data.”

“No, he’s just the governor now,” Watters replied. “Yeah, no, I know Democrats don’t like contraptions at all.”

Newsom and DeSantis debated red vs. blue state policy Thursday night on Fox News’ “Hannity.”Newsom continues to avoided Questions about his state’s high crime rate and Golden State policies causing mass displacement of residents to red states like Florida.

During the debate, the Governor of Florida said: especially showed a data map of human feces collected in San Francisco and argued that the city had suffered under Newsom’s leadership. A new map then revealed that San Francisco will have even more poop problems in 2022, with more than 34,000 reported incidents.



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