You Have ‘No Legal Right to Corporate Welfare’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Republican) countered Disney’s lawsuit, saying his team said Disney was seeking to “undermine the will” of Florida voters and that “the legal right to corporate benefits is No,’ he said.

The Walt Disney Company on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against DeSantis in federal court, accusing the Republican governor of launching a “targeted campaign of government retaliation” in the ongoing battle over Florida’s education custody law. claimed to be. as “Don’t Say Gay”.

After California-based Disney publicly threatened to fight to repeal a Florida law, DeSantis stripped the company of its autonomy in the Orlando area.

A DeSantis spokesperson released a statement shortly after news of the lawsuit broke on Wednesday.

“We do not recognize any legal right for corporations to run their own government or maintain special privileges not held by other corporations in the state,” DeSantis said in a statement. “This lawsuit is yet another unfortunate example of the will of Florida’s voters undermined and their desire to operate outside the bounds of the law.”

Another DeSantis spokesperson tweeted, “We have no legal right to corporate benefits.”

Disney claims that DeSantis “weaponized” government power over Disney and “organized at every step” an effort to punish Disney in ways that threatened the company’s business.

Disney’s lawsuit comes at a time of ongoing dispute over control of Orlando’s special district known as Reedy Creek.

Florida has launched a political war between Disney and DeSantis over custody laws in education laws that prohibit public schools from indoctrinating students with radical gender ideologies, including transgenderism, and other forms of sexual behavior. It later revoked Disney’s autonomy over the district last year. ideology.

Since then, DeSantis and Disney have been battling over control of Reedy Creek, with Disney using backdoor legal channels as a way to avoid a state takeover of the district.

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