You—Yes, YOU!—Fund CNN and Disney. You Okay with That?

Can you watch CNN or Disney Channel in your home? What I mean is, if you want to, can you watch CNN or Disney? If the answer to that question is yes, then you are, yes, you are keeping an outlet for hate alive.

I’ll use the umbrella term “pay TV” to describe what’s going on. But it’s important to know what exactly applies to this umbrella. It’s a pay TV package (cable, satellite, linear TV streaming such as Sling) that includes CNN and Disney.

you might think so no CNN and Disney Channel think you’re hurting the media, and they want you to think so when you’re making money.

The only ones who keep the hate outlets alive are the pay-TV scumbags.

The truth is this…if CNN or Disney are available for your pay TV package, a portion of your bill will go directly to both, making it around $1.00 to $1.50 per network per month. is that okay? Are you comfortable with subsidizing hate outlets that spread conspiracy theories, bigotry and violence? Is it OK to fund child grooming?

To be clear, I am not calling for a boycott. I don’t believe in boycotts. All I do is let you know how the rogue pay TV system works. And it works like this…

This is called “transportation”, and “transportation” is nothing more than affirmative action to fund left-wing hate media outlets like CNN and Disney that cannot survive on their own merits.

About five large, corrupt, left-wing multinational corporations own nearly all pay-TV networks. So if cable providers want to offer their customers, say, HBO or ABC, these fascist multinationals say that’s fine, but they also have to offer networks like CNN and Disney Channel that no one watches. it won’t work.

In addition, these fascist multinational corporations require cable providers to pay transportation fees for most of these networks, and it is these transportation fees that keep these networks alive. As you know, left-wing media such as Disney, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, and MTV can never survive on the merits of ratings-based advertising revenue alone. CNN can’t attract 500,000 prime time viewers.Disney Channel has a little more charm 100,000 average audience. In other words, ad revenue is close to zero. Instead, the money comes from shipping fees from this left-wing affirmative action. Here’s the calculation…

CNNLOL is now available in approximately 80 million US households. Only about 5% of households watch CNN, but all 80 million households fund CNN with their broadcast fees, worth $1 billion a year (with a “B”). Pretty sweet, right? Are you still feeling like a sucker?It’s free and direct money from you. With an average of just 113,000 viewers, do you really believe Disney’s Grooming his channel can survive on ad revenue?

Yes, I’ve been writing and rewriting versions of this same piece for 15 years. And we will continue to do so. Because people need to know and be reminded how they are being duped to fund their ruin.

There are many alternatives. Buy a Roku player and immerse yourself in an endless ocean of free TV. Some call it books, parks, board games, or long walks.

A family (husband, wife and two children) sits around a coffee table playing a board game (Unsplash/
National Cancer Institute/Photographer Bill Branson).

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