Young, progressive Western women converting to Islam

A growing number of young progressive Western women are converting to Islam, citing the Israel-Hamas war as a motivator for their conversion, and documenting their journey on social media.

Hoover Institution researcher Ayaan Hirsi Ali warned of this new trend on America’s Newsroom, arguing that young women are “throwing away” their freedom with this decision.

“You’re converting to giving up your freedom as a woman,” Ali told Dana Perino on Monday. “Islamic scriptures, Islamic law, Sharia law and Islamic practice are clear about the position of women: women are inferior to men. Your testimony is half that of men. Your husband will beat you. You can do that. You have no freedom at all.”

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“Everything depends on whether your guardian has authority over you: first your male father, then your male husband, and if even those are not available, your own male son. even has authority over you,” she continued. “So if they want to bring it back, good luck with that.”

Left-wing women who have decided to convert are sharing their religious conversions on TikTok, often by wearing hijabs, reading the Quran, participating in pro-Palestinian protests, or denouncing Israeli genocide. I am also learning Arabic.

One of the activists, Alex, a self-described “left-wing queer gremlin,” took the shahada and formally dedicated himself to the Islamic faith shortly after purchasing the Quran.

She was said to have taken inspiration from another social media user, Megan Rice, who detailed the “ironclad faith” of Palestinians after the war. She claimed that Israeli retaliation after October 7 increased interest in conversions.

Now, she wears a hijab and hosts live Quran readings after founding a virtual world religions book club.

But while critics say the trend is a “rebellion” against Western culture, Ali says the new interest in religion is symbolic of a “disturbed” generation grappling with “moral confusion”. insisted.

“I think this is a manifestation of the moral turmoil in the West that we are experiencing,” Ali said. “I think we have failed these young people…The campus has become politicized. They use the words hate it, die for it, but it’s actually the introduction of an anti-Western political ideology. It’s anti-American. It’s all about tearing things down.” ”

“Now we have the latter generation, the later-born generation, the Millennials, and the Generation Z. They are completely and completely confused about who they are and what their place is. ” she continued.

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War has raged in the Middle East since Hamas massacred more than 1,200 Israelis on October 7. The terrorist group reportedly burned people alive, including children, and raped and paraded the bodies of women in the streets of Gaza as part of a brutal attack on the Jewish state.

As a result, many pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel protesters have taken to the streets of major cities, with some universities facing backlash for refusing to condemn anti-Semitism after the war. is even holding demonstrations across college campuses.

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Ali claimed the United Nations was too “corrupt” to stand up for women after the massacre and described how “shocking” it was to see women convert to the religion after the unprecedented attack. ”.

“I think the United Nations has failed in that respect, because it is corrupt as an organization and has been for decades and continues to be corrupt,” Ali said. “They are being used by people who want to wipe out Israel. What happened to the young women on October 7 is not a secret. It is not something that must be investigated. Hamas parades these women. , rape, all of which is stored on his GoPro camera for the whole world to see.”

“It’s shocking that women are converting to Islam after seeing images like that,” she continued. “The MeToo movement has been completely silent on this issue, all other prominent Western feminists have been completely silent on this issue, but now every weekend and every week we are talking to progressives. We’re seeing hundreds of thousands of educated, privileged people marching for what? Marching for Hamas supporters…to eliminate the only democracy in the Middle East. It is.”


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