Your life is only enriched when you have a relationship with your creator

The Catholic actor known for his role as Jesus in “The Chosen One” is partnering with the world's most popular prayer app to spread the word about the importance of faith this Christmas season.

Shared by Jonathan Roomy Advent Pray 25 Challenge in the Hallow App, This book guides Christians through the writings of C.S. Lewis to develop a deeper relationship with Christ.

“Life is enriched when you have a relationship with your Creator, and this app provides literally thousands of ways to do just that,” Rumi said on Monday's show “The Story.” Things like scripture readings, the Bible, and music,” he said. “Whatever your path to a deeper relationship with Christ, Halo has options. No matter what Christian denomination you belong to, Hallow has options for you. There's something for everyone. ”

The actor said the Advent challenge will be “transformative” in the same way that scenes from The Chosen touched many viewers.

What can a good person do when everything falls apart at Christmas?

PARIS, FRANCE – OCTOBER 6: Actor Jonathan Roomy attends the premiere of Netflix's The Chosen – Season 3 held at Le Grand Rex in Paris, France on October 6, 2023. Attendance. (Photo by Mark Piasetski/WireImage) (Mark Piasetzki/WireImage)

“It's really going to give people a level of peace and tranquility that they're looking for right now,” he said.

The Christian star says playing Jesus was “deep and completely surreal.”

“People are drawn to the figure of Jesus in some way because they’ve seen my portrayal of him, and maybe they’ve never heard of him or even knew who he is. Even if you knew better, you now want to find out for yourself: “So what did he really say? Is this true? Is he really Is this true? Who is he and why did he irrevocably change the world 2,000 years ago? For example, what is it about him?' So I dive into the Bible, or I go down this path of inquiry, and I want to know Christ on a deeper level, and then my job is done. Doing that for me is probably the most humbling career path God would take. It has brought me down before. ”


Chosen Jonathan Roomy

“The Chosen” stars Jonathan Rumi as Jesus Christ. (Courtesy of “The Chosen One”)

Rumi says “The Chosen One” Season 4 It will bring viewers closer to the cross and ultimately to the resurrection of Christ.

Now it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain strictly among the followers of Jesus within that community,” he said. “Now everyone is talking about Jesus. The authorities, Roman and the Jewish leaders of his community are not very happy with the current situation in their city. It's getting a little harder, and I think Jesus knows that too. He's seeing his followers begin to understand the gravity of what's going to happen.”



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