Zach Bryan Gets Pummeled In The Face With Cake In Hilarious Video

Zach Bryan’s friends and family helped him ring in his 28th birthday by aggressively pummeling cake in his face as he dropped to the floor.

The famous country star seemed unaware of the birthday party that was on the other side of the door when he walked into the room. The video showed him entering the space where the surprise party was all set and ready to go. As soon as he took a step in, he uttered the words “Oh my God,” and before he could finish his sentence, people came from every direction and slammed cake into his face.

In true American fashion, the country singer managed to hold on to his beer the entire time.

Bryan’s friends and family tossed big chunks of cake at him from all sides, some getting close enough to aggressively push the cake into his face, rather than tossing it.

@ihatebriannachickenfryIts zacharys bday week and he got annihilated♬ original sound – Brianna LaPaglia

The video showed all kinds of cake splatter hitting him and then falling to the floor – and it kept coming.

Zach Bryan performs at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on February 09, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images

Zach Bryan performs onstage for day two of the 2023 Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival on September 24, 2023 in Franklin, Tennessee. Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival

The star’s loved ones were relentless. He fell to his knees and attempted to steady himself on the floor with one hand, while the other managed to keep his beer safe and steady during the ‘sweet’ attack.

His hat was knocked right off his head, as airborne cake kept coming at him. (RELATED: Video Captures Epic Moment Between Zach Bryan And Special Fan)

This is probably some of the best birthday chaos we’ve ever seen, as everyone seemed truly determined to get him good.

He seemed to handle this pretty well, but we’re pretty sure the rest of his day paled in comparison to the wild chaos captured in this video.



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