Zelensky to visit White House as aid package stalls in Congress 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is scheduled to visit the White House on Tuesday as aid to the war-torn country remains stalled in Congress.

President Biden will bring Mr. Zelensky to the White House to “emphasize America's unwavering commitment to supporting the people of Ukraine in defending themselves against Russia's brutal aggression,” according to a Sunday statement from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. He is said to have invited him to a meeting. .

The statement continued: “As Russia ramps up its missile and drone attacks against Ukraine, the leaders will discuss Ukraine's urgent needs and the critical importance of continued U.S. support at this critical moment.” Stated.

Zelenskiy's visit comes less than a week after Senate Republicans last week blocked legislation that would support Ukraine and Israel in their respective fights with Russia and the militant group Hamas. Senate Republicans have repeatedly insisted on holding off a vote unless a satisfactory remedy is attached to the motion, citing the bill's lack of border provisions.

In a 49-51 vote, Sen. Bernie Sanders, R-Vt., joined all Republicans in voting against the bill, while Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, R-N.Y. “No'' and allowed the bill to be submitted. I will charge again in the future.

The $111 billion emergency package, requested by Biden in October, included aid to Indo-Pacific allies and funding for humanitarian aid and drug trafficking in the border region of Gaza.

Such divisions among members of Congress have been an impediment to passing aid to Ukraine, leading the White House to issue a directive to Congress last week stating that the government “doesn't have enough money and almost no time” to continue providing aid to Ukraine. warned the people.

The civil war in Ukraine will reach its second anniversary this winter, and some members of Congress have expressed hesitation about continuing to provide aid.

This will be President Zelenskiy's third visit to the White House since the invasion of Russia in February 2022.

President Zelenskiy traveled to Washington last December for an unprecedented trip to highlight U.S. support for Ukraine at the time, which was in the midst of a war with Russia.

Biden then welcomed Zelensky to the White House in September, when both leaders had to make the case on Capitol Hill for continued aid to Ukraine. The president visited Ukraine in February this year and met with Zelensky in Kiev.

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