Zelensky, Trudeau Give Soldier Who Reportedly Fought for Nazi Germany a Standing Ovation

The Canadian Parliament, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy reportedly gave the alleged former member of a Nazi military division a standing ovation.

On Friday, following Prime Minister Trudeau and Prime Minister Zelenskiy’s address to the Otwa House of Commons, House Speaker Anthony Rota said, “Veterans of World War II who fought against the Russian military and for Ukraine’s independence are still active today.” , eliciting a standing ovation. At 98 years old, he still supports the military. ”

“His name is Yaroslav Hunka…He is a hero of Ukraine and a hero of Canada. We are grateful for all his contributions,” Lota continued, to a second round of applause.

photo caption published The Associated Press showed President Zelenskiy and Prime Minister Trudeau standing and applauding Mr. Hunka, who the news agency identified as a former member of “Ukraine’s First Division during World War II.” The division, also known as the SS 14th Waffen Grenadier Division (1st Galicia), was founded by Nazi Germany in 1943 and was composed primarily of Ukrainian volunteers.

Although the International Military Tribunal was held at Nuremberg in 1946, in conclusion Claiming that the Waffen-SS was guilty of “many massacres and atrocities in occupied territory,” the Canadian government decided in 1950 to allow Ukrainians who had served in the Waffen-SS to enter the country from Britain. . “These Ukrainians should be subject to special security checks, but they should not be rejected because of their service in the German military,” the Canadian cabinet said. Said at that time.

in Ukrainian post The blog Combatant News attributes it to Hunak and claims he joined a Nazi military division in 1943. His posts also included photos of himself during the war, including one where he appeared to be undergoing SS training in Munich.

Ivan Kachanovsky of the University of Otwa explained Praises Hunka as ‘absolutely incredible’epic scandal“Was anyone in Congress or Zelenskiy aware that he was in power?” he asked. [the] Waffen SS division? ”

The Waffen-SS 14th Division has not been specifically convicted of war crimes, but tied to several atrocities including reported massacres Huta Pieniazka, a Polish village that served as a refuge for hundreds of Jews.

Professor Kachanovsky also claimed that members of the Ukrainian Division were involved in “numerous mass murders.”Mass executions and other similar atrocities against Ukrainians and Jews in Pyhazyci and Ustilu, Eduardo Paul, Kolczynki, America, Poles in Smoligov, Laskow, Kraniov and Władyslawin, and in the suppression of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. It is participation. ”

A former officer of the Guards Garacia Division. michael carcockSimilarly accused The Associated Press claimed he was involved in burning down villages, including women and children, then lied about it and immigrated to the United States.

Heinrich Himmler is also reported to have personally addressed this department. Said In 1944 they said: “Galicia has become more beautiful since you – on our initiative – lost its inhabitants, the Jews, who were often a stain on the good name of Galicia.

“If I ordered you to purge the Poles, I would give you permission to do whatever you want anyway,” the SS commander added.

Ukraine has come under international scrutiny for celebrating the breakup of the Waffen-SS. include In 2018, it received bipartisan condemnation from both Democratic and Republican members of Congress.

President Zelenskiy, who is of Jewish descent, also criticized his compatriots for praising the division during a series of parades held across the country in 2021, including in Kiev, where participants waved the division’s flag and wore its insignia.

Zelensky Said “We categorically condemn any propaganda manifestations of totalitarian regimes, especially the National Socialists, and any attempts to revise the truth about World War II,” he said of the march.

It is unclear whether Zelenskiy, who has come under fire for his military’s use of the neo-Nazi-aligned Azov Battalion, was informed of Hunka’s role in the division ahead of the celebration in the Canadian Parliament. .

The Canadian government has previously faced criticism over its ties to Ukrainian Nazis, with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland report Despite previous attempts to cover up the fact that her grandfather Michael Chomiak was a Nazi propagandist. Claim Her office said that such a claim had been made. Russian disinformation.

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