Zelenskyy Fires Back at Elon Musk’s Controversial Twitter Poll

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy used a Twitter poll of his own to respond to Elon Musk’s poll regarding a proposed “peace plan” in the war against Russia.

Zelenskyy on Monday tweeted a poll asking: “Which @elonmusk do you like more?”

He offered two choices: “One who supports Ukraine” and “One who supports Russia.”

As of Tuesday morning, more than 2.1 million votes resulted in 79.4% preferring “the one who supports Ukraine.” Zelenskyy’s post had been retweeted nearly 41,000 times.

Musk earlier in the day posted a poll that appeared largely to repeat Russian President Vladimir Putin’s agenda.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO asked his followers to choose between four options:

  • “Redo elections of annexed regions under UN supervision. Russia leaves if that is will of the people.
  • Crimea formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s mistake).
  • Water supply to Crimea assured.
  • Ukraine remains neutral.”

Musk added, “This is highly likely to be the outcome in the end — just a question of how many die before then. Also worth noting that a possible, albeit unlikely, outcome from this conflict is nuclear war.”

The poll asked people to vote either “Yes” or “No,” with more than 60% of the 2.5 million voters selecting “No” with four hours left in the poll.

Andriy Melnyk, the former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, in response to Musk’s poll, said, “F*** off is my very diplomatic reply to you.”

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s internal affairs minister, also was angered by Musk’s tweet.

“Has the account of @elonmusk been hacked by Russians? Or has Elon Musk himself been hacked?” Gerashchenko tweeted.

He then tweeted, “Ok, let’s do our own poll. Should Putin declare Elon Musk’s future Mars colony historically Russian and annex it?”

Later Monday, Musk returned to Twitter, writing that he is “obviously” pro-Ukraine. SpaceX has spent $80 million running Starlink in the country and $0 on Russia, Musk wrote.

“I still very much support Ukraine, but am convinced that massive escalation of the war will cause great harm to Ukraine and possibly the world,” he tweeted.

He also offered another poll.

“Let’s try this then: the will of the people who live in the Donbas & Crimea should decide whether they’re part of Russia or Ukraine,” Musk tweeted. “Yes” or “No.”

Nearly 60% answered “Yes” as of Tuesday morning.

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