Zelenskyy praises ‘heroic’ soldiers in preview of Bret Baier’s exclusive Fox News interview: ‘no plan B’

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In an exclusive interview from the front lines, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy touted the country’s biggest victories since the war with Russia began and refused to discuss his country’s military’s “Plan B.”

“For the last two years they occupied the Kharkiv region. [and] Now we are in this region,” Zelenskiy told Fox News’ chief political anchor and editor-in-chief. special report Exclusive interview with Bret Beyer.

“We lifted the blockade of the Black Sea and now we have their grain shipping routes and so on, and we’ve destroyed a lot of their ships.” [in the] “Russian Fleet,” he added, “we did it in two years. Well, last year was mostly a complicated year for us, but…what was done, I think it was a good job. ”

Bayer traveled 700 miles across Ukraine, taking a 12-hour overnight train to Kiev, seven hours in an armored truck to Kharkov, and then four hours by car to reach the front line of Zelensky.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited wounded soldiers and presented them with medals for their service, then met with Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier at a hospital in Kharkiv. (Special report by Brett Beyer)

President Zelenskiy, sitting just half a mile from Russian troops and speaking as artillery fire could be heard in the distance, praised the work of the Russian military and its incredible victory, which contrasted with Russia’s only victory. did. The capture of the town of Avdiivka was the greatest victory of the nine. A few months for Russia.

The second year of the Russian War has proven chaotic as Russian President Vladimir Putin staves off a rebellion by his most trusted ally, and the Kremlin persuades Russians to conscript soldiers and replenish a dwindling force. had to offer incredible incentives to do so.

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Kharkiv front line interview

FOX News Chief Political Anchor and Special Reports Editor Bret Baier meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy just half a mile from the site of a clash between Ukrainian and Russian forces. (Special report by Brett Beyer)

President Zelensky did not think Russia’s lack of progress signaled a “new page” in the war: Beyer said Ukraine had “probably” lost about 100,000 troops in the past two years. In a statement, the Ukrainian military said it was “tired of war, but still determined.” . ”

“It’s important to understand the current situation of people, because the spirit is visible to those on the front lines,” Zelenskiy said.

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Ukraine Kharkiv Hospital

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy visits wounded soldiers and praises their service. (Special report by Brett Beyer)

The interview captured some of the Ukrainian leader’s most vulnerable moments since the war began, a departure from the usual gruff and fiery persona he has conveyed over the past two years. President Zelenskiy visited a hospital and met with men who lost limbs in the battle, calling his troops “heroic.”

President Zelenskiy expressed frustration at the “bureaucracy” and lack of technology and weapons that stand in the way of getting the help he needs. At one point he emphasized that “time is money.”

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Brett Bayer Kharkiv

FOX News chief political anchor and special reports editor Bret Baier spoke from Kharkiv ahead of the broadcast of a multi-part interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. (Special report by Brett Beyer)

President Zelensky understands that support for the Ukraine fight is waning in the U.S. Congress, partly out of concern about continuing to support a war with no clear end or exit, and is seeking supplies from allies such as the United States. He continued to emphasize the need for supplies. Bayer said he believed that with such support, he could eventually push back against Putin’s forces and come to the negotiating table with a “strong hand.”


“We have to survive,” Zelenskiy said. “We have to find some parallel procedures and rules, but… we understand that this support is very important. Without it… heroics like being admitted to the hospital Because if you don’t have a real defensive shield, and you have powerful artillery…of course you’re going to lose people.”

Baier said that in Part 1 of his exclusive interview tomorrow, Zelensky will address more difficult topics, respond to criticism of his leadership, appeal to Presidents Biden and Donald Trump, and push back against President Putin’s latest remarks. Stated.

Program Notes: Watch the first part of Bret Beyer’s exclusive interview with President Zelenskiy on Thursday’s Bret Beyer Special Report.



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