ZERO chance the media will air THIS clip from NYC…

New York City was once the land of the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and a beloved filming location for “Home Alone.”

But now?

New York City is currently overrun with illegal immigrants. Perhaps they should have added a clear clause after the famous line, “Give me the tired, the poor, the crowds longing to breathe free.” Perhaps an addition like “but do it legally” might have been helpful.

That’s certainly what New Yorkers are crying about these days. Their cities are literally being filled with illegal immigrants. The problem is so severe that children in New York City are being pulled out of schools to make room for the influx of immigrants.

Fox News recently interviewed some of the enraged New Yorkers who stormed the city. One man had some choice words for those who made New York a “sanctuary state.”

“What do you think about what the mayor is doing?” And what should the president and the White House do? ” the reporter asked.

“This is up to us. This is up to each of us to stand up,” says this resident, demonstrating a clear understanding that no one should put their hopes in the current powers that be. .

“No one is coming for us,” he cried. “We’re here for ourselves… They’re going to come and destroy it.”

“The reason they came here is to steal our votes!” he dives into the camera.

“There’s no doubt that machines will probably come after him…and someone will try to get him fired from his job,” says Dave Rubin, praising the man’s courage for telling the truth.

“He’s absolutely right when he says no one is coming to help him,” Dave says. Help “has to come from the federal government” in the form of “stopping these people from coming in in the first place,” but New York City is in complete collapse.

Watch the clip below.

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