Zion Williamson weight ‘concern’ escalates into Stephen A. Smith-Pelicans war

There doesn’t seem to be a truce in sight between Stephen A. Smith and the Pelicans.

The online spat between the parties continued Monday, with an ESPN personality directly addressing the team on “The Stephen A. Smith Show.” Comments from a few days ago regarding forward Zion Williamson’s weight. The Pelicans outscored Smith’s 1.5 points per game average during the 1990-91 season at Winston-Salem State, sparking a social media war.

“I don’t care if you troll me, I accept it,” Smith began in a 10-minute video shared on his X page on Monday.

Warning: Explicit language

“You know, at Winston-Salem State University in Division II, I could have been on the court averaging 20-25.” [points] Even if you watch the game, you can’t compare him to any of you who made it to the NBA? Do you understand that I know that no matter how much you pretend, myself or anyone else, I am no match for you?

Smith then said their statistics were “wrong” and detailed his injuries during his college career.

“I got injured…in 1989, I cracked my kneecap in half. They said I might never walk the same way again, and even though I kept my scholarship. , I could only go up and down the court three or four times without limping, so I was only a practice player. How could I know this? Because I’m 56 years old But even after I run a little bit, I still limp,” Smith said.

The “First Take” host then shifted his focus back to the organization and 23-year-old Williamson.

Stephen A. Smith talked about the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday’s “Stephen A. Smith Show.” Stephen A. Smith Show/X

“I couldn’t shine Zion’s shoes, I couldn’t shine CJ McCollum’s shoes, I couldn’t shine Brandon Ingram’s shoes. That’s what everyone in the NBA is about, that’s not me,” Smith said. Told.

He then jumped into a team that is now 34-24 and a lack of success in the postseason.

“You’re entering your 22nd season in New Orleans since moving from Charlotte. Ladies and gentlemen, being named the Hornets and then the Pelicans has given us as many names as there have won playoff series in 22 years. Did you know you have one?” Smith said.

“In an incredible 22 years, you’ve won two playoff series. You’ve won as many playoff series as you’ve won. And you’re talking about me. Or at least I’m not taking money from the public by getting paid. I didn’t do what I was supposed to do, so that’s a victory!”

Zion Williamson plays for the Pelicans on February 25, 2024.
Zion Williamson plays for the Pelicans on February 25, 2024. Getty Images

Smith then called Williamson’s initial comments “inappropriate and lazy,” referring to former NBA player and Pelicans analyst Antonio Daniels.

“Zion Williamson was joking about not eating too much. In order for him to be strong and powerful, he needs to be healthy and eat right. I think he’s right now. I didn’t imply that they’re not doing it, I said it as a concern, Antonio Daniels, I said it as a concern, the New Orleans Pelicans. I’m rooting for the kid, I’m rooting for the franchise. So it was half-joking,” Smith said.

The Pelicans, currently in sixth place in the Western Conference, have lost two consecutive games since Friday, when the verbal abuse with Smith began.

“Stop worrying about Stephen A. Smith. There were them before me, and there will be them after me. If you keep being this useless, they’ll stop worrying about you.” What do you think you’re going to say?’ Let’s do it together,” Smith said.

Despite Smith urging him to focus on actual NBA opponents, the Pelicans I responded to his video on Monday. He posted a meme to X that consisted of three messages: “I didn’t see it that way,” “I’m happy for you,” and “I’m sorry it happened.”

The Knicks (35-23) will face the Pelicans on Tuesday night.



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