2024 About Preventing Putin Wing of GOP Taking Over White House

Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the 2024 presidential election will stop former President Donald Trump and the “Putin faction of the Republican Party” from taking over the White House. He said it was for.

Anchor Jake Tapper said: “What you say, Donald Trump is doing what he wants. Donald Trump has made no direct response to Navalny’s death last night.” , Navalny attacked prosecutors at a rally in Michigan. He made dozens of posts on the social media app Truth Social calling Biden an incompetent president. So this probably isn’t Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, because he’s not speaking out. What do you think about the fact that he has not said a single word about Mr. Navalny? He had harsher words for New York Attorney General Letitia James than he had for Vladimir Putin. ”

Cheney said, “Yeah, I mean, look, as you pointed out, Donald Trump just a few days ago told our NATO allies that he would encourage President Putin to do whatever it takes.” . He’s basically making it clear that under the Trump administration, the United States is less likely to honor its NATO commitments.”

He added: “I think Republicans who understand the importance of the national security situation and continue to support him will be held accountable as well, given Donald Trump. For example, Vladimir Putin. “His promise to retaliate for what he did to Mr. Navalny is a serious act,” he added. What does retaliation look like in a country whose leaders are not subject to the rule of law? I think we have to take Donald Trump very seriously. We have to take seriously how influenced you are by the Putin wing of the Republican Party. I think the issue this election cycle is to keep the Putin faction of the Republican Party from taking over the West side of the White House. ”

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