WH Security Council’s John Kirby mocks Putin re-election campaign

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby mocked Russia's upcoming presidential election in a conversation with reporters aboard Air Force One. Kirby answered questions from reporters and was asked to comment on Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement that he would run for a second term. “Well, that would be trouble for horse racing, wouldn't it?” Kirby […]

Putin, MBS Agree to Pressure OPEC+ to Keep Oil Production Reduced

Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said Thursday that both countries will press OPEC+ countries to “adhere” to the agreement “in a way that is in the interests of producers and consumers.” He said it was a sign of cooperation between the two countries. Participate to pressure smaller member states […]

As Putin Seeks 5th Presidential Term, Meet World’s Longest-Serving Leaders

President Putin announced Friday that he will seek a fifth term as Russian president. Paris: Vladimir Putin announced on Friday that he will seek a fifth term as Russian president in next year's election, making him one of the world's top 10 longest-serving elected leaders. Below are the top 10 ranked by total years in […]

Vladimir Putin Seeks 5th Presidential Term, And A New World Order

His grip on power further strengthened following his decision to invade Ukraine in February 2022. Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin, who announced Friday that he is running for a fifth term, has spent the past two decades building a regime of repression at home and confrontation with the West that makes his reelection all but […]

Putin announces presidential re-election bid, fifth term expected to be certain

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will run for re-election on March 17, which will likely secure him a fifth term in office. Putin, 71, announced his decision after an award ceremony in the Kremlin, after which veterans and others reportedly implored him to run. Putin, who already has a firm grip on […]

Challenges Vladimir Putin Faces As Russia Sets Presidential Vote Date

The Russian parliament has officially set the date for next year's presidential election as March 17th. (File) Moscow: Russia's success in avoiding Western oil price caps helps revive economic growth as President Vladimir Putin prepares for re-election despite problems posed by labor shortages, inflation and high interest rates It helps to do. The Russian parliament […]

MBS Signs Defense, Investment Deals with ‘Cherished Guest’ Putin in Riyadh

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Wednesday warmly welcomed Russian strongman Vladimir Putin to Riyadh, declaring him the country's “honored guest” and offering him a wide range of projects including space, sports, investment, energy, defense, and more. They signed various agreements on tourism and other matters. other subjects. Putin is currently touring several countries […]